Kuari Pass Trek A Perfect Detailed Guide

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A mountain lover’s dream, Kuari Pass. The view of the highest mountains in India is immediately visible. The highest peak of Mount Nanda Devi (the tallest mountain in India) is visible from here. The famous Hampta Pass can also be accessed from here.

Kuari Pass is an ideal trek. You will pass through old forests filled with oak and rhododendron. As your eyes adjust to view the forest canopy, the trail crosses meadows. Because of the interplay of different types of scenery, the walk can be quite exciting.


This walk allows you to camp in amazing locations. Each campsite is awe-inspiring, be it the Chitrakantha tree or the Khullar meadow beneath Mt. Dronagiri.

Kuari Pass is the best route to choose if you are making your first trip into the Himalayas. It was almost entirely created with novices in mind.

The 4-day Kuari Pass trip (6 days if you add the travel days to Rishikesh) is the best. The journey begins in Dhak in Uttarakhand’s Garhwal area, close to Joshimath. It is found in Nanda Devi Park.

An easy-moderate trek from Kuari Pass can be completed by a beginner in the Himalayas. Three things will stay with you most about this walk.

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How to get to the beginning point of the trek?

You can reach Rishikesh in three different ways. This is the point where the trek begins.

  • You can travel overnight from Rishikesh by bus or train.
  • After taking an overnight bus or train, drive from Haridwar to Rishikesh (35 minutes driving with normal traffic).
  • It is recommended that you use government buses instead of private ones. In our experience, private buses can cause delays. The reliability of government buses is also higher. You can take any bus, but you must get to Rishikesh by at least 05:30 AM.
  • Fly to Dehradun’s Jolly Grant Airport, and then drive the 20km (or 30-minutes) to Rishikesh. Arrive the day before if you are arriving by plane.


Best time for trekking

The Kuari Pass Trek can be accessed for 10 months (the peak rainy season of Uttarakhand) except for July, August, and August.

Kuari Pass can have four distinct seasons without the monsoons: winter, spring, and summer. Each season is unique and beautiful.


To see the stunning views and snow, many people trek to Kuari Pass in winter. Many hikes to Kuari Pass during winter for the stunning views and snow. When the landscape is covered with white snow, it changes its color. The pine trees are adorned with soft, powdery snowflakes that hang from them languidly, giving the environment a touch of the holiday season. It’s a great place to have snowball fights or, if you are lucky, watch snow fall. However, snow can make the walk more difficult. If you are planning to travel in winter, be prepared.


Kuari’s spring season begins in March and ends at the end of April. As the snow melts in the upper reaches, the grass in the lower meadows turns greener. As I write, the trees are adorned with Rhododendrons.

Little flowers peek out of the grass as the rhododendrons bloom on the trees.


In the summer, you can expect sunny and warm days with some chillier nights. If you are looking to hike in beautiful weather, this is the right time.

Plan to start your gentle rains before the end of the summer. Rainstorms usually start in the afternoon and last until the evening. This is the beginning of the monsoon season.


DAY 1: From Rishikesh To Tapovan

DAY 2: A drive from Tapovan, Karchi, and then a trek to Akhrotghetta.

Day 3: Trekking from Akhrotghetta, to Khullara

DAY 4: From Khullara, Tali, passing through Kuari pass.

DAY-5: From Tali To Auli (Return route begins here).

DAY 6: Start from Joshimath, then reach Rishikesh. From there you can go back or explore the whole of Uttarakhand.

The difficulty of the trek

The Kuari Pass trek is a level 3 trip, which is considered easy-moderate. Indiahikes categorizes a trek as easy-moderate if it meets these requirements:

It takes 5-6 days to complete the trek, which is approximately 5-6 days long. There are many exit points and easy routes. The climb is gradual and evenly distributed.


Kuari trek is a great trek that can be done even in winter. This trek allows you to experience the beauty and wonder of the mountains. You will not regret making this trek.

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