Mens Fringe Haircut: A Complete Guide About Top 16 Best Mens Fringe Haircuts

The fringe is one of the most popular hairstyles for men today. A fringe haircut can be an excellent choice for guys with bangs as it is modern and trendy. There are fringe hairstyles for curly, wavy, short, and long hair, allowing men to style several different looks. You can experiment with an angled, messy, or textured fringe on top after you fade or undercut the sides.

With so many incredible men’s haircuts with bangs, guys have many styling options. To inspire your next cut, these are the best men’s fringe haircuts to get right now.

Top 16 best men’s fringe haircuts

1. Bangs for men’s haircuts

In barbershops around the globe, men’s fringe, also known as male bangs, continues to trend. There are various ways to wear this hairstyle, including short blunt fringe styles and long bangs with waves.

The right styling product is all you need to create this look, making it one of the best short haircut styles for dudes. You will need a top-rated pomade, wax, or clay to reach the volume, flow, and control you need for a masculine fringe. Here are the best examples of getting and styling a men’s haircut with bangs.

2. Angled Fringe

With an angular fringe, you can create an edgy, stylish look. An angular fringe hairstyle can cover up a prominent forehead or highlight a strong jawline when you have short sides and longer hair on top. You can cut the fringe choppy and angled or sweep it to the side.

Although the haircut looks best on men with straight hair, it still looks fresh and handsome on men with all hair types. Men with short hair should use a strong pomade for maximum hold; men with long bangs can use a light-to-medium product for more movement.

3. Fringe-short

A short fringe is both clean-cut and masculine. It is ideal for guys looking for a low-maintenance hairstyle. An undercut or fade on the sides creates contrast in the short fringe haircut, often compared to a military cut. The difference is that, even with blunt bangs, the top must be longer to hang over the forehead.

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4. The Long Fringe 

Long fringes opt for a more dramatic look, pushing the modern boundary to the next level. Short taper fade haircuts on the sides should be paired with long hair with bangs. Choosing this longer fringe will require more effort and styling than a sharper edge.

5. Tapered French Crop

A French crop and taper fade combination will give you a contemporary look. The French crop is one of the most popular hairstyles. It is classy and straightforward. Taper the fade to modernize it and make you stand out from the crowd. Whether you choose a high, low, or mid taper, the crop top fade haircut will make you stand out.

6. Cute with bangs

A fade combined with bangs creates a masculine, trendy look. A fade haircut is an excellent foundation for short hairstyles, especially if your barber gives you a high bald fade.

7. Faux-fur edge.    

You can create a natural look with a textured fringe that’s still cool and stylish. Begin with the fringe haircut of your choice. Using clay or pomade, add texture to the hair. Brush the hair forward and style your bangs however you like. Textured hair will look full and natural.

8. Fringe Messy

Volume is the key to the messy fringe. The cluttered frame is a sexy and effortless hairstyle for men. If you want messy bangs, you should pair them with a clean, tapered fade on the sides and back.

9. Curly Fringe

Curly fringes are flattering if they’re wavy. The wavy bangs create a unique style that men with waves can only achieve. A wavy fringe haircut will draw attention to your awesome hairstyle when combined with an undercut or taper fade on the sides. It doesn’t matter whether you have short or long wavy hair; this style turns heads.

10. Front curly fringe

It showcases your curly hair. It is possible to highlight the curls by wearing the fringe with a mid or high-bald fade to create a greater sense of contrast and volume. In addition, you can wear your hair long and let your naturally bouncy, thick curls do their thing.

11. Front swept bangs

Side-swept bangs are perfect for men with long hair who want a trendy hairstyle with minimal effort. Like a side part fringe, side-swept hair can be styled neatly and structured or loosely and messy. This chic look has several variations, from an undercut with side-swept bangs to a layered look.

12. Long fringe on the back and sides

Today, the foundation for many of the best men’s hairstyles is a long fringe combined with a short haircut on the sides and back. If you prefer a comb-over for the office, want to leave it textured at night, or want to spice up the front for a bolder look, short sides with long bangs can be styled to fit any man’s needs. Short sides and long tops are both prevalent versions of this cut.

13. A brushed-up fringe completes the look.

Guys with thick straight hair look great with brushed-up fringes. In this hairstyle, your hair is brushed up and back to create volume instead of the traditional down fringe.

14. Undercut fringe

It can make your dreadlocks look more stylish than ever. Instead of blending or tapering the sides, the undercut is trimmed to a uniform length all around the head. Undercuts with bangs are still an incredible style for men because they start high and deliver contrast.

15. The best boys’ haircuts feature bangs.

Boys with bangs are always adorable. There are so many cool boy haircuts with bangs that moms and kids can choose from. Boy’s hairstyles often inspire teenage and young men’s current hairstyles with fringe.

16. Bangs over the top

Comb overs with bangs can make traditional older men’s hairstyles look more contemporary. You can look sexy now if you comb over your cracks properly. Keep the haircut classy with a low fade and soft part, or make it edgy by shaving one side of the part line hard.


Fringe haircuts are in a class of their own. A pompadour and a quiff keep the hair from falling into the face, but a fringe style (a style with bangs) lets it fall naturally. Using this method, you can achieve some fantastic results.

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