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I was on a plane to Brisbane, returning from a business customer training seminar in Sydney, when the customer in front of me had a problem with his mobile phone. The flight attendant told the phone to be turned off before takeoff, then came back and told the customer that the phone was still on and off. The customer protested and the two got a little heated.

The flight attendant told the man to hang up or face a $5,000 fine. The man said it was closed. The flight attendant said “I know how to use an iPhone, I have one…Hold the button and swipe red – still no show”. The customer finally understood and hung up…but he was not a happy camper and the flight attendant walked around the cabin for the rest of the flight because of the “argument”.

But here’s my take on it…

One – the customer is wrong. His phone was not turned off – it was on standby and had to be turned off for the flight. Two – The flight attendant is probably having a long, bad day because she doesn’t have to “fuck” the customer or get mad at herself like that.

What happened? Sure, I’ve seen a lot of crazy travelers on my travels – but this situation was different. See what I believe. Passenger information is missing. Both passengers and flight attendants were surprised by their experience.

The customer actually thought he hung up,

 Even though he was just on hold. Every time the flight attendant tells her to turn it off, she really thinks about it and doesn’t understand why she’s been told she already “knows” something. The flight attendant gets angry because the customer “ignored” her and “deliberately” did something “wrong”. This happens constantly in business life, work situations, relationships and families.

  • Questions to consider and actions to take:
  • Think about the last time this happened to someone in your life.
  • What is the situation?
  • Are you a “stewardess” or a “customer”?
  • Are you both

How could it be otherwise? Well, in this case, in two ways: First, the customer can figure out how to make their iPhone work better the first time… In this case, AND in almost every situation like this, there must be someone willing to do one. Thing. Be adaptable. Others lack experience or knowledge – they have a ” brisbane blinds spot” or a missing piece. It’s up to us (as the people who “can”) to figure out what that is and help make it happen. This is the only way to get what we want. Otherwise, we struggle and often don’t get the desired result.

Innovative blinds manufacturer Lax flex has launched

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They are easy to guide and slide out from the front for easy access to the doors of the house. They offer a simple but practical way to cover particularly open doors. It is perfect for dark rooms that require privacy. It has fabric panels that can be tilted on both sides and in the middle or stacked to adjust the amount of light and create the desired mood in the room. You can do it.

The lax flex Panel Glide System combines

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Kate Johnson is a content writer, who has worked for various websites. She is also a college graduate who has a B.A in Journalism.

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