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Goa covers 3702 square miles and is the most compact state in India and is also one of the most sought-after destinations for tourists. Goa is located in India and is famous for its beaches tourism is the primary source of income and most of its attention is focused on the coast.

The best time to visit Goa is the summer and monsoon. The most popular attraction of Goa can be found in Indian culture beaches, churches, along with Convents of Goa which were designated to be a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

Goa beaches span the length of 125 km. These beaches are split by North Goa beach and South Goa beach.

Goa has tourist activities like sightseeing and river cruises. This is overseen by the Minister for Tourism of India The organization is GTDCwhich is the Goa Tourism Development Corporation.

Goa is an excellent location to go to. You can view waterfalls, wildlife, and beaches, as well as museums and galleries, and Heritage Forts, homes, and houses.


In Goa, You will be able to experience various sports and adventurous activities which you’ll love extremely. The list of the sports you can enjoy in Goa that you can participate in at Goa is listed below.

Grand Island Goa scuba diving Hot air balloon ride, Calangute beach water sports Bungee jumping North Goa city tour, North Goa Candolim beach Dolphin tour, Splashdown Waterpark Fly eating, Waterfall Goa nightclubs and a candlelit dinner tour at Baga Beach.

North Goa:

Goa has been divided into two areas. North Goa is one of them, and south Goa is the other.

Covering 670 square miles, the area is among the most sought-after tourist destinations.

In the north of Goa, there are various activities and witness the beauty of beaches or forts, churches, and forts.

You can pick your preferred car for the north goa tour, and be guided by a professional guide who will tell you all you need to know about the region and make your trip more interesting.

Start point BAGA

Duration: 9-10 hr

Attractions – Fort Aguada, st. Alex Church, Shree Chauranginath Bhumika Panchayat Mandir, Baga Beach, Vagator Beach, Anjuna Beach

You will be able to learn more about Indian culture and gain greater knowledge of north Goa You will be attracted by the architecture and the famed flea market in Goa.You can expect to have a great time.

North Goa is best known for its beaches, churches, and the temple of Boghdeshwara.


  • Fort Aguada Lighthouse
  • Sinquerim Beach
  • Anjuna Beach
  • Vagator Beach
  • Mae De Church
  • Snow Park
  • Baga Beach
  • Fort Aguada Lighthouse

The tour begins at the fort, and that Fort provides water to every ship that calls there. Fort Goa Fort is the first one in Goa It dates back to the 17th century.

  • Anjuna Beach

Anjuna beach is famous among foreigners as well as the ideal picnic location for picnics. The beach is known for its night-time sights and is well-known due to an annual flea market.

  • Calangute Beach

This beach also has a different name and is also known for this name by foreigners i.e Goa’s most famous beaches.

Many musical groups operate to entertain the people, and there are numerous sports taking part similar to volleyball.

This beach has the highest amount of people in comparison to other beaches and you can also find luxurious and budget-friendly hotels.

  • Saligao church

Thanks to its unique architecture and its distinctive design, it is a cult place among the public and also with tourists.

It is the most stunning church in Goa. It is situated near the world-renowned Calangute beach.

The design is similar to that of the sparkling jewels that are found in the field and are in the process of moving to Panjim towards Calangute.

  • Vagator Beach

This beach is known as the top beach worldwide and has two main beaches, as well as lots of stalls selling snakes as well as fast food, clothing, and so on. The two major beaches include North Vagator beach which is also known as Big Vagator and the other Ozram beach. Ozram beach.

  • Morjim beach

This beach is among the most stunning beaches in Goa. The beaches that are empty and sand-free with lots of palm trees make it even more gorgeous and the birds make this spot seem like heaven.

  • Ashvem Beach

The beach is rocky however, the rocks are the primary factor responsible for making the beach more attractive.

The beach is renowned for its picnic spots where families gather to enjoy a picnic, and also the ideal location for photo shoots.

Details about the tour:

Beginning from the Baga Start from the Baga, head towards the Fort, and take a look at the 17th-century lighthouse, which is one of the oldest lighthouses in goa. Also, take a look at and visit the St. Alex Church which is entirely white and has a stunning appearance. Then, go to the beaches that are there: Baga Beach, Vagator beach Anjuna beach, etc. After that, visit the most spiritual location i.e, Shree Chauranginath Bhumika Panchayat Mandir.

There aren’t any specific items to carry around, but caps or a day-pack of snacks and a water bottle or glucose are all essential things you should carry as well as appropriate footwear and clothes.

While on the tour, get to experience how beautiful Goa the people are so kind and sweet. You can enjoy delicious meals at the restaurant, and the street food, however, most of the focus is on the churches, beaches, and beaches. Numerous stalls offer high-quality food. It is your choice whether you’d like to explore the streets of Goa through a vehicle or walk, most people that walk through the streets as if they have experienced Goa in a way.

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