PNB Home Loan Calculator for EMI & Eligibility Calculations 2023

This PNB Home Loan Calculator has been designed to help you calculate the monthly loan EMI and eligibility based on your home loan amount, EMI frequency, and tenure. If you want to calculate the total interest paid by you during the loan period, click on the Total Interest Paid tab given in the calculator dashboard. You can also get an estimated pre-calculated schedule (which includes other useful calculations) by clicking on the Printable Schedule tab.

Use this PNB home loan calculator to determine your eligibility, EMI, and other details that matter when choosing the right home loan. We’ll also give you an idea of how affordable your monthly payments will be with this PNB home loan calculator.

What is an online home loan calculator?

An online home loan calculator is an electronic tool that is used to help you understand what your monthly mortgage costs might be and whether or not you are eligible. With the rising cost of owning a home, it’s more important than ever to work with a lender who can tell you how much you’ll need to budget in the long term. With the PNB home loan calculator, determine your monthly expenses based on the amount of money you’re borrowing, interest rate, and other factors.

PNB Home Loan EMI Calculator, why would it be suitable for you to use it?

The PNB Home Loan calculator is an easy-to-use tool that will calculate your monthly EMI and eligibility. It is a popular home loan calculator because it’s simple, intuitive, and easy to use. 

The PNB home loan calculator can give you the following information: 

-Monthly instalments of your home loan repayment,

-Eligibility in terms of income, age, residence,

-How much do you need to pay as a deposit,

-Down payment required.

PNB Home Loan Calculator Eligibility 

The PNB Home Loan EMI calculator will help you calculate the duration of your loan and the amount that is eligible for. This calculator is most promising if you have basic knowledge of EMI calculations.

Start by entering the Amount on which interest needs to be calculated – along with the Mortgage Rate and the number of Repayments per Year. Based on these inputs, our home loan EMI calculator will give you a rough estimation of the time it would take to repay your home loan and how much principal can be paid off at each interval. You can also check the Home Loan Payment Table for a more detailed view.


  • Originality Proof: – PAN Card/Voter ID/Driving Licence/Aadhaar Card/Passport.
  • Address Proof: – Utility Bills (Electricity, Water, Telephone)/Rent Agreement.

Benefits and Uses of Home Loan EMI Calculator

The home loan EMI calculator is useful to individuals looking to get a mortgage and need to know how much they can borrow. The first step of using this tool is to enter the down payment amount, the interest rate, and the duration of the loan. After filling in these details, click on Calculate button, and you will be able to see various figures such as your total payments, monthly payment, and total interest paid. 

PNB Home Loan Calculator also helps with calculating early redemption fees as well as penalty rates that may apply if an individual chooses to terminate their loans before it matures.


The PNB home loan calculator is a handy tool that anyone can use to calculate their eligibility for a personal loan. It provides you with all the relevant information, such as monthly EMI and interest rate, which can help you decide on your desired home loan product.

If you want to buy a house and have enough money in the bank, this is a great calculator. It will tell you how much you need to be able to afford, how much of a down payment you need, what your monthly payments would be, and more. The only thing I don’t like about this calculator is that it doesn’t include the cost of maintenance on the house.

Apart from this if you are interested to know more about Top 7 Factors That Affect Loan Against Property Eligibility then visit our Finance category.

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