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Pressure Washing Makes 8 Cleaning Projects Easier

Deep Cleaning Projects often takes place in the spring. That’s why spring cleaning is famous as a dreadful task. To prepare your house for upcoming seasons you need to be efficient. One way to be efficient is to take help from cleaning experts like The Perfect Pressure Works, LLC. Another way is to do it yourself. 

To make DIY cleaning easier there are a lot of tools and gadgets but nothing can beat the efficiency of pressure work. Pressure cleaning is best for deep cleaning your house and stubborn parts of it. The results it provides and the time-saving feature are what make it the most reliable way of cleaning.

Following are some cleaning projects that you can execute using pressure work:

Trash Can Cleaning

Trash cans are the dirtiest and the hardest to clean. That’s why using pressure work on trash cans can make your work easy. Grease, smell, and dirt can make a nasty hold-up on your trash can, and cleaning with your hands can be really gross and that’s why using a wide nozzle spray to pressure clean the trash cans. 

The best way to get the desired result is to spread the cleaning agent on the whole surface of the trash can and leave it for some time. After that, using 1500 to 3000 Psi of hot water on the surface will clean it completely.

Carpets and Sofas

Surfaces that are made up of dense material require a lot of work to clean. That’s why cleaning carpets and sofas are not easy. It has a lot of dust and gunk built up on its surface and can be harder to clean. That’s where pressure cleaning enters the picture. Pressure cleaning is best for rugs, carpets, and sofas to get rid of the gunk and get a clean surface.

For rugs and carpets, you can spread the object onto a flat surface and apply any cleaning or bleaching agent on the surface. After that, apply the pressure of hot water and let all the dirt come out of the water. When you have achieved your desired results wipe out the water using a wiper and let it dry. 

For sofas, you can use the same method but instead of using a wiper to get rid of the water you can air or sun dry it for a few days to get rid of the smell and the water.

BBQ Grills and Outdoor Flat Top Stove

The outer kitchen and its equipment are mostly used for bbq and cooking greasy foods. That’s why the condition of bbq grills and stove tops can be really difficult to handle. That’s when pressure cleaning enters the picture. Spread the grease cleaner and let it do its work for a while. After that use, the pressure of hot water on an 800-degree angle broad nozzle and use that pressure to clean the grill and stove. The grease will come out without scrubbing and you will have a shiny bbq station.

Graffiti and Paint

Most surfaces may be cleaned of paint or graffiti using hot water at 1,500–3,000 psi. Using 3,000 psi or more can harm wood, yet more pressure is frequently needed for more difficult work. 

Paint removal frequently involves using 15-degree and 25-degree tips. Despite being able to remove paint, the 0-degree tip might harm the wood. It’s better to start with the nozzle with the broadest tip and narrow it down until you find one that will do the job.

Using a chemical agent for brick and metal surfaces to strip and remove the paint is advised by professionals for eradicating graffiti.

Post Construction Cleaning

You risk irreversible harm if you let dirt or stains remain on your home’s surfaces for an extended period of time. Paint and finishes are food for mold. Mold will typically grow as a result of moisture if these are left unchecked on painted surfaces and concrete coverings, especially during the winter. Therefore, getting rid of them is mandatory.

Grease, algae, and dirt accumulation are particularly likely to occur in crevices. On the other hand, damp areas are ideal for the growth of mold and mildew. They can also enlarge with time if you don’t properly care for them.


Exterior windows can be difficult to clean because they frequently accumulate a lot of grime with time. Although pressure washing is a quick way to clean difficult-to-reach windows, depending on the age and general condition of your windows, it may not always be a good idea. The biggest concerns while cleaning your windows include breaking glass or loosening the wood putty and window seals. 

Make sure you choose the right nozzle so that you have the appropriate water pressure for the job. In general, experts advise using low pressure under 2,000 psi, a wide spray nozzle of 40 to 60 degrees, and picking a pressure washer that enables you to combine the cleaning solution with the spray.

Swimming Pools and Clubs

Using a pressure washer to clean pools of algae, silt, and other debris is simple. To clean the pool deck and inside of a plaster or concrete pool, professionals advise using a pressure washer with at least 1,200 psi, a concrete cleaning solution, and a 90-degree spray nozzle. To assist avoid damage, use a wide spray nozzle and test in a hidden location before using a pressure washer with more than 2,000 psi. 

Pool tile cleaning can also be accomplished using a power washer. Once your pool has been drained, just be sure you select a low setting to prevent damaging the tiles.


One of the quickest and simplest ways to get rid of rust is by using a pressure washer on sidewalks, buildings, or other hard surfaces. To remove rust off metal, experts advise using a pressure washer with at least 3000 psi of pressure and a narrow-angle nozzle.

Before You Leave

Taking help from experts such as The Perfect Pressure Works LLC would assist you a lot in a range of cleaning projects without damaging anything or putting your project at risk. 

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