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ReadiVet Atlanta Expands Its At-Home Veterinary Care

ReadiVet Atlanta is an at-home veterinary care service that provides on-demand service. The company is currently located in Nashville, Tennessee, but has plans to expand to other areas of the country. In addition, it is looking for more veterinarians to join its team. One downside to this service: emergency care is not available.

ReadiVet provides on-demand veterinary care

With their on-demand veterinary care, ReadiVet is revolutionizing the way people treat their pets and offers In-Home Vet Atlanta service. Their team is available to visit your home seven days a week, and even spends evenings prepping for your daily appointment. While they are unable to treat emergencies after business hours, they offer affordable on-demand pet care.

The company started out as a one-person operation, but has since grown to a team of more than a dozen professionals. The company started out with a mobile service but has since expanded to a full-fledged vet clinic, making sure to provide quality care for your pets. They also offer evening and weekend appointments, which makes it more convenient for you to schedule your pets’ appointments.

The company currently operates two locations in Dallas, Texas, and plans to open four more in the next year. They are currently recruiting veterinarians to expand their service offerings. As their business continues to grow, ReadiVet is looking to expand to new cities, states, and countries. The company is an excellent choice for busy veterinarians who are looking for flexible work and the chance to work with clients without losing clinical autonomy.

It’s expanding beyond Nashville

Atlanta startup ReadiVet has partnered with the Atlanta Seed Company to expand its in-home veterinary care beyond Nashville. With the funding, the company plans to hire additional veterinarians and expand its service lines. The company also plans to add online appointment booking so pet owners can book an appointment online and keep their pets healthy at home with Mobile Vet Atlanta service.

The investment comes as the pet ownership trend reaches an all-time high. ReadiVet plans to use the investment to expand to new cities, hire new veterinarians, add new services, and upgrade its proprietary technology suite. The company’s aim is to offer at-home care at an affordable price without compromising quality.

The company has a new mobile vet clinic in Nashville that uses a technology platform to bring veterinarians to clients’ homes. Its clinic is located in the Uptown area and currently has six veterinarians and 24 employees. The company plans to open more clinics soon, and it plans to expand to other cities and states as well. The company also plans to offer lower prices on vaccinations, microchips, and flea/t prevention for pet owners.

It’s looking for more veterinarians to join its team

ReadiVet Atlanta is expanding its team and is now hiring more veterinarians. It plans to expand its services and locations as well as upgrade its proprietary tech suite. The company is looking for veterinarians who are passionate about delivering a better experience for clients.

ReadiVet is a new company that offers mobile and convenient vet care. Currently, the company operates two locations and plans to open four more locations in the next 12 months. The company recently raised $2.5 million in a Series A round of funding led by Atlanta Seed Company and Martin Ventures. The company also received participation from Jemison Capital.

The startup also wants to expand its presence in Dallas-Fort Worth. It currently has six veterinarians and 24 employees. Lawson hopes to hire two more veterinarians in the next year. By two years, the company aims to employ 25 veterinarians throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth region.

It’s not available for emergency care

The ReadiVet team is dedicated to serving pets during business hours. If you’re in need of emergency care after hours, you should contact your local veterinary hospital or emergency care center. The team is also available to come to your home, if your pet is sick or injured.

ReadiVet is an in-home veterinary service based in Dallas that aims to provide on-demand veterinary care to pet owners. It currently operates one location in Dallas but plans to expand to several cities throughout the DFW metroplex. Recently, the company raised $2.5 million in a Series A round of funding. The investors included Atlanta Seed Company and Martin Ventures.


The on-demand veterinary care model of ReadiVet is similar to telehealth in that clients book their appointment online or by phone. They can ask questions before booking their appointments and can even choose when they would like the veterinarian to visit their pet. The ReadiVet veterinarians will then come to the pet owners’ homes, eliminating any stress or anxiety that the pet might have in a traditional hospital setting. In addition to providing a more comfortable environment, ReadiVet adheres to COVID safety protocols.

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