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ReadiVet – Veterinary Care in the Comfort of Your Home

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ReadiVet Vet Frisco TX is a mobile veterinary practice that provides a variety of veterinary services. The company started with one veterinarian, but has since recruited more professionals to meet increasing demand. Today, ReadiVet is a full-service veterinary practice with veterinarians available for in-clinic visits and home visits.

ReadiVet combines convenience of home visits with expertise of a veterinarian

ReadiVet is a Dallas-based mobile vet service that combines the expertise of a veterinarian with affordability. The mobile service provides the convenience of leaving your pet with you while you are at work, while still ensuring your pet receives quality care. With a wide range of service offerings, ReadiVet can meet the needs of any pet owner, no matter where they live.

ReadiVet has five locations in the Nashville area and plans to expand to another five by the end of the year. The company is also hiring additional veterinarians and developing a new mobile technology platform to make home visits easy for clients. They also provide affordable and transparent pricing.

ReadiVet employs six veterinarians and 24 employees. They are planning to add four more locations within the next year. Their technology strategy includes a partnership with veterinary tech company Haymarket, which streamlines the process for both vets and clients. The company also has a FAQ page that answers common questions.

ReadiVet has partnered with the COVID Pandemic to help expand their service area and add more veterinarians. The investment will be used to hire more veterinarians, add new services, and expand their proprietary technology platform. Ultimately, ReadiVet’s goal is to eliminate the need for in-office visits by providing affordable home veterinary care to pet owners.

ReadiVet uses an after-hours auto-reply to share critical information with customers

ReadiVet offers full-service primary care during business hours, but it needs to be available to customers after hours. To accomplish this, the company uses an after-hours auto-reply to share critical information with customers. This also serves as a way to create boundaries for the team and avoid misunderstandings related to pet health issues.

ReadiVet Dallas began with just one veterinarian Vet McKinney TX, but has since recruited two more to meet the demand. The company offers mobile and in-clinic services for clients and is expanding rapidly. The company is seeking veterinarians who are committed to providing exceptional customer service. Clients can schedule appointments in advance for care or request a visit from a staff veterinarian when the animal owner is out of town.

ReadiVet uses an after-hours auto-reply to address pet health concerns

If you have a question or concern about your pet’s health, readiVet uses an after-hour auto-reply to address your pet’s health issue. You can also find answers to your pet’s health-related questions on their website. ReadiVet will also respond to pet health-related queries within the same business day, which is a huge plus.

The company’s founder has 25 years of experience and worked as a veterinarian before opening the business. His son, a veterinary entrepreneur, is also involved in the company and has a passion for animals. Together, they have created a business model that combines convenience and affordable care for animals in need.


ReadiVet Nashville provides in-home services for clients in the Nashville area. It offers free pickup and drop-off services, and it employs 24 people in two Nashville locations. Pet owners can also request a free consultation with one of the veterinarians on staff. The company is planning to open five additional locations in the next few months.

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