Rupin Pass Trek is a high-altitude trek that starts at Dhaula Uttarakhand and then ends in Sangla. The entire trek runs across Himachal Pradesh and covers some of the most stunning spots and attractions around. This hike is at an elevation of 15,250 feet and is considered to be among the top trekking experiences in India. Apart from the many twists and turns as well as the natural beauty of the landscape, the abrupt change of routes attracts a lot of nature lovers. With the beautiful scenery of the surrounding area, it’s an ideal trek for nearly all types of outdoor enthusiasts. The trek takes you through the warm landscape. And it gradually moves through areas of cold. You can also visit the kareri lake trekking.


It is essential to have everything planned. Because it is not for the novice and is not the most straightforward to finish. While many people believe this trek is similar to another trek, it’s not so. If you take a look at the entire landscape. That you walk on the way and you’ll see that this trek isn’t just about hard and cold snow, but also encompasses the splendor of nature. Which is something you won’t experience otherwise. There are numerous wonders you will encounter during the trek, with villages and waterfalls being two of the most important factors. You have to see. The sights of the waterfalls are the most stunning views around. Also, Dhaka Village, also known as Hanging Village is probably one of the most beautiful spots to go, and one that you may not have ever thought of. The village is located near the top of the mountain, making appear as if it’s hanging from the edge of a cliff. Apart from this, you’re likely to be able to enjoy the beautiful greenery and snow bridges which are the landscape around. Along with the gorgeous beauty of the view of Kinnar Kailash, the experience is enhanced by the presence that of the Kinnaur temple. You should contact the locals to enjoy an amazing experience without a doubt.


Many may believe that this trek is just like any other trek, but it’s not so. If you examine the entire landscape.That you walk on the path of the trek and will realize that this trek isn’t only amidst hard and cold snow, but also covers the splendor of nature.which you wouldn’t get to be able to experience otherwise. There are many amazing things that you will encounter during the trek. Waterfalls and villages are just a few of the major aspects you should visit.



The views from the waterfall are probably among the most stunning views around. Also, Dhaka Village, also known as Hanging Village is probably one of the top places to visit, something you may never have even considered about. The village is located near the top of the mountain. This gives the impression that it’s suspended from the edge of a cliff. Apart from that, you are likely to be able to enjoy the stunning beauty of the dense greenery and snow bridges that are the landscape around. Along with the splendor of the view of Kinnar Kailash, the experience is enhanced due to the inclusion of the Kinnaur temple. You should connect with the locals for an unforgettable experience without a doubt.


If you are looking to have the most enjoyable experience while traveling, you should prepare a plan before embarking on your journey. Traveling is most enjoyable by having a comprehensive day plan to know the things you need to bring and what you may discover during your journey. way. More than anything else, it’s a necessity that you cannot escape. To assist you in planning everything in your way, we have essential information. The things we’d like to impart to you in order to ensure your trip will be an unforgettable one.


The trek from Dehradun to Dhaula is completed on the first day. Dhaula is the place where you will find the camp base starts. So there is a chance that you will be able to meet trekkers within Dhaula’s vicinity. Reaching Dhaula is not the easiest. Because it is a route that passes through bumpy roads, you have to be cautious on the way. You will see that all camping sites are situated around Dhaula. Rupin River.




Second day of your trek is the trek between Dhaula to Sewa. This follows the stage that you have to conquer and experience before anything else. After your first trekking, you must start the following day refreshed and refreshed. The distance between Sewa and Dhaula is 11 km, and the trek isn’t easy. that you will have to take on it. If you stay on top of everything, you’ll see that the hike is done at noon. From this point, you can plan your subsequent journey. Many trekkers choose to stay in a hotel and, if they can, explore the sights around. The nearby temples are one of the most impressive you can see and see due to the type of architectural design you can experience. The distinctive feature of the temple is that the temple is in common use in the nearby 12 villages, and the idol is brought to each village once a month.


Third day of your journey is the hike from Sewa to Jiskunwhicht is an important trek due to the breathtaking natural beauty of the region. The first thing you must do. That is to embark on the downhill route beginning from Sewa towards the Rupin River. You must cross the state boundaries using a tiny wooden bridge that crosses the Rupin River. Then, you must be admitted into Himachal Pradesh. From there, trekkers have to ascend to Gosangu which is the point where the road becomes rocky. You must be extremely cautious when you are walking through the trekking spots. You must continuously trek for 6 kilometers from the point and the roads are quite rough and dusty. Once you’ve completed the trek, you have to walk to Jiskin village. You could arrange a stay at an accommodation there. And you can take a stroll through the beautiful places built from wood and stone. And you will be able to enjoy breathtaking panoramas of the surrounding.


It is the fourth and final day of the hike. runs beginning from Jiskun to Udkanal.The trek starts with a climb from Jiskun up to Jhaka village. Jhaka Jhaka village is  a distinct village, what is it like to live in a village is that. It appears to be an elongated village. From Jhaka village, the trek travels through the lush forests and lush greenery of Udaknal. The camping area is situated on stunning cliffs, making it the perfect spot to chill out and discover.



There is a trail that runs from Udkanal and Dhanderas Thatch. Often, the hike through Udaknal is accomplished by following the tracks of the shepherds. You are likely to see large flocks of sheep. Which creates a unique experience that you will not find else. You won’t get it if you travel during the peak season, chances are. That you’ll also encounter snow on that trek. You must cross numerous bridges made of ice bridges. The long traverse through the snow eventually leads you to a spot called Buras Kandi. This location is frequently called the peak. Including the most famous and lush greenery patches all around.


6. Day Six is the hike from Dhanderas Thatch to Upper Waterfall Camp. The hike is relatively short and involves a climb through the waterfall. The camp is situated on the bank of the River Rupin and the surrounding view are breathtaking. The campsite is sure to leave you speechless when you reach it.


The final day of the trek when you reach Rupin Pass. Rupin Pass and experience an adventure that you will not get in any other place else. The climbing continues to arrive at Rata Ferry Camp. The panorama is stunning with a breathtaking view over the Kinnaur Kailash mountain range as well as the nearby peaks. The trekking is fairly long and is among the most beautiful treks around.

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