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In past years I have found handing out treats to trick-or-treaters that came to my door to be something of a chore. Since I wasn’t doing anything special myself on those nights, I would have rather have been just doing something else. Even though I found a lot of kids cute and their costumes cute I still would have preferred to read my book or watch a movie without interruption.

But there were two years but I actually rather enjoyed myself. For a while I had a roommate who was a medical student, and she had a full sized plastic skeleton in our house. It just so happened that I was home for Halloween for two years without skeleton was in the house. Just for fun I decided to put to use Charlie, the skeleton, to help me answer the door. I put him right behind the front door. This house happened to have a very creaky front door. So I would stand behind the door and open it very slowly to make sure I got the maximum creak. The first thing that anyone saw when the door opened was Charlie. Now that was good! I had kids screaming. I heard one say “oh my God, I thought it was real” to her parents. I even heard a couple of parents making surprised noises from all the way out on the sidewalk.

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This year I have another great idea. Rather than do something run-of-the-mill with skeletons, witches and spiders, I’m going with a specific theme. As I happen to be a big Star Trek fan I’m going to turn my foyer into a little intergalactic experience for the neighborhood kids to visit. Even though they will only be coming to the door they’ll get enough of a Star Trek feeling to perhaps add to their fantasies of the evening. And I will not be bored because I will be playing a role.

Along with routine candy treats, I will have some Star Trek foods, like Edible Tribbles (coconut macaroons), or perhaps Pickled Ferengi Caterpillars wrapped in Blankets. Everything will be served from party plates with a picture of the Enterprise, Capt. Kirk and Mr. Spock. I think I might make my foyer look like a transporter – it’s just the right shape and size. And of course I myself will be in costume. I haven’t quite decided which character I’m going to be, but I suspect I will be a Vulcan. I’ll wear a Star Trek movie shirt, I can do the ears, eyebrows and of course the Vulcan salute!wp-admin

This year why not consider doing something very unique for your trick-or-treaters. Anyone who bothers to decorate their home for Halloween usually does the typical graveyard or witches abode. Instead why not choose one of your favorite movies, TV shows, or stories and use that theme to invite children to a little fantasy world?

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