Some noticeable GCC Abaya brands ruling the fashion

Abaya is a loose-fitting outfit especially structured for women, they can also wear it as a robe or a dress. It is very popular among Muslims for special occasions, such as Eid, Ramadan, and other cultural festivals. Earlier they used to come in the same pattern and only black color. But now these amazing designers are changing its meaning by giving it new patterns and numerous colors. Now except for heavy occasional wear they are also available in casual wear. Hence, changing the meaning of Abaya fashion.   

Amal Al Raisi

Amal Al Raisi is an Omani designer. Although she was not pursuing a design course, later on when she gave it a shot just for a trial, it worked out. And now it has been ten years she is in this industry and is now a famous Instagram queen. Recently she launched a collection that depicts new beginnings, peace, and the rising sun.     

There is no such fabric that is not used in her collection. Starting from linen, muslin silk, cotton, organic cotton, and many more.

Moreover, from swimsuits, pants, kaftans, jumpsuits, jeans, skirts, tops, and sleepwear, like this, there are various outfits. And each outfit was unique in terms of diverse patterns and colors.

Ahlam Shahin

Have you ever imagined wearing a dress that is inspired by a painting?

Elegance word perfectly fits Ahlam Shahin. She created dresses that were influenced by paintings. Most of her attires are very flowy and have a silky appearance, and all of this is because of chiffon and satin.


This brand was started by Emirati sisters namely Budoor, Noor, and Sarah Al Khaja. It started in the year 2018, and they have a collection of modest modern women’s apparel. From free-flowing silhouettes to abayas in almost every color. 

Noor Al Bahrani

Noor Al Bahrani is also an Omani fashion brand. Her collection consists of a soft color palette like cream, white, yellow, and light shades of blue, and green. Its collection consists of loose silhouettes and complex designs, it is available for both males and females. Not only this but there is a lot more, like tailored blazers, oversized t-shirts, and many more.

Another beauty of its collection is that there is real artistry, meaning endless fashion.

1309 Studios

Ghada Al Subaey started this beautiful studio with ready-to-wear clothing. The main motto was to celebrate female fluid shapes, and silhouettes with very less embroidery. But now there is an enhancement in which there are fitted-shaped silhouettes, enhanced embroidery, and more attention to the details. Hence, to celebrate the traditional Qatari tradition.

The brand promotes sustainable fabrics and its packaging is also biodegradable and environment friendly.

Moja Majka

From personal experience for love of handcrafts mother and daughter started this brand. All the abayas are crafted with inspiration from art and culture and a blend of Turkey, Saudi, and Slovakia traditions.

The collection consists of colorful casual clothing to make women feel comfortable. Each outfit is different from the others in terms of color, printing, pattern, etc. to make everyone look unique.


Rana Radi

Rana Radi is a Saudi Abaya designer especially known for her stylish yet casual abayas. Her collection is a mixture of local traditional patterns blended with international trends. Moreover, designs are inspired by the type of fabric, for instance, cotton and linen. And all the fabrics are chosen personally keeping in mind customers’ choices.

Recently, she came up with her new collection of flowy and loose-fitting skirts and shirts. She gave a new perspective to abayas by making them in jacket-style patterns, so that they can be worn on skirts or tops. And from subtle colors, it now changed to bright colors such as orange, fuchsia, nude colors, and hues of blues.   

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