Steak Knife Block Set Review

Cooking steaks is a special ritual where every little thing counts. The flavor and consistency of the dish depend on the quality of the meat and the degree of roasting, and the ease of use and the aesthetics of the process itself depend on careful presentation. A steak knife block set is designed to cut the most tender meat directly on a special plate or board. We bring to your attention the entire range of American brand knife & knives reviews.

Why do you need a steak knife block set?

Culinary culture presupposes two types of kitchen utensils: tableware and serving. Table steak knife block sets are designed to cut a large piece of the carcass before serving. It is huge and heavy. Steak knife block sets belonging to the serving group are served directly during the meal, and there is a copy for each. They are small, very fast, and compact. These features are necessary so that the blade can easily cut into small pieces without crushing the steak so that the juice does not escape. The greater the number of fried dishes, the greater the load required for slicing. Accordingly, one or the other steak knife block set is suitable for all degrees of grilling:

  • For weak frying – a knife with a straight edge;
  • For sharpening medium and full teeth;
  • For any range of roasting: compound blade (part straight edge, part serrated).

Steak Knife block Set Review

Steak knife block sets meet special requirements that are put into the design and sharpening of these special blades. The set includes four matching pieces in a beautiful gift box. The box is made in an authentic style, in the form of a book. Inside are the blades, each in an individual compartment. The shape of the cutting edge is universal: it combines straight and wavy sharpening. Consider the features of these blades in more detail.


The knives are made from American AUS-10 carbon steel. It is a hard, wear-resistant, and fairly malleable steel, belonging to the premium segment. Steel up to 58 HRC. The presence of additional alloying elements, such as chromium, molybdenum, and vanadium in the composition ensures their strength, wear resistance, and ability to maintain sharpness for a long time.

Cutting characteristics

The length of the blade is 12.5 cm. This means that it is easy to cut large pieces on a board or even a board with such a knife. The mixed blade works well with dry, dense, well-seasoned steaks as well as rare roasts. Depending on the type of steak on your plate, use the serrated or straight side of the blade to slice it. This method will save when buying knives for different types of meat. The knives in the set are very light and have a one-way sharpening to the smoothest part of the cutting edge. This ensures greater accuracy and ease of cutting. The heel of the blade is located at a distance from the handle; This design provides a comfortable grip on the tool when cutting dense products.


The handles are made of natural wood with a beautiful texture: African rosewood. The tree is pleasant to the touch and has a desirable and aesthetic appearance. The shank of the blade is attached to the blade with rivets that do not protrude from the surface and do not cause any discomfort in the palm. The handle has a classic round section, slightly curved in the central part. These shades are provided for maximum comfort while using the knife.


A smooth wooden handle easily transforms into a thin, elegant blade without burrs or creases: these knives are designed for those who value not only functionality but also aesthetics in serving dishes. It is not in vain that they were sold in groups of four, they were specially made to decorate the table and touch the solemnity and special beauty. It is especially harmoniously combined with serving steak on a platter: the material of the handles reflects the support and forms a harmonious tandem that pleases the eye and stimulates the appetite. The presence of a beautiful inscription on the blade with the name of the manufacturer and American hieroglyphs confirms its oriental origin and special “race”.

A set of four steak knife block sets from the  American brand Knife & Knives would make a great gift or purchase for home and gourmet evenings with friends and family.

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