Stick Pack vs Sachet Packaging: Which Is right for Your brand?

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Can you tell certain products by the color of the package? Can you pick certain products out by the font design or image used in the logo? Packaging design is something that businesses invest in because it is proven to have a positive return on investment ratio. Over the years, there have been improvements to the packaging industry that have benefited businesses, consumers and the environment alike.  

Whether you’re talking about custom printed stand-up pouches and bags or stick pack packaging, this style of flexible packaging is expected to grow in popularity, largely due to its light weight and compatibility with travel. Stand-up pouches help products to stand out on the shelves by standing up. High-quality films and photo-quality print technology make for a high-performance pouch with a premium look and feel.

Benefits of Stick Pack Packaging

Stick pack packaging has loads of benefits, mostly centered around the concept of convenience. This type of packaging is small in size and narrow, shaped like a stick of chewing gum. They are usually used to pack dry products like powders, although they are also used for gels, liquids and semi-solids. As the already impressively functional design becomes more oriented more toward those specific products, usage will certainly increase.

Stick packs are perfect for single dose or single-serve products and sample sizes and they are also ideal for spontaneous purchases at the checkout lines. This rise in demand is predicted to be in part due to the rise in usage of nutriceuticals, like protein powder or collagen.

Though stick-size packaging is necessarily small, there is still room for on-brand design to showcase a product’s singularity and let consumers know what sets it apart. There is also room for instructions and FDA guidelines, though some shorthand functions are often utilized. 

Benefits of Sachet Packaging

Sachet packaging also has many benefits. Custom sachet packaging offers brands a smart wrapper that boasts their unique identity. Studies have shown that this kind of packaging yields a big ROI when on the shelves. 

Part of the draw of this type of packaging is the versatile high-barrier, puncture-resistant film that stands up to any environment. Sachet packaging is available in multiple sizes, including single serve and full-sized. Single-serve packets are ideal for spreading brand awareness while offering consumers minimal risk. They are also easily tearable and designed to be poured into things like plastic water bottles.

Sachet packaging boasts moisture-proof barriers that prevent oxygen, extreme temperatures and moisture penetration or exclusion from damaging the product within. The spill-proof functionality ensures that any contents, whether powders, liquids or semi-solids, are unable to escape the pouch. The resealable, child-proof zippers help keep youngsters and pets safe from accidental consumption. 

Stick pack and sachet packaging are both efficient and advantageous packaging solutions. The convenience factor supplied by these forms of packaging has made these small dose options extremely popular. Visit an online flexible packaging solutions firm today to learn more about how stick pack and sachel packaging solutions could be right for your product and your brand. 

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