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Super Asia Room Cooler Price In Pakistan

Super Asia produces the best room coolers in Pakistan which are specifically made to withstand the summer heat. These coolers are packed with numerous features and are highly effective in cooling. They have Swedish pads that help evaporation and huge air outlets which can cool a large space. Users can run these air coolers continuously to reduce the intensity of heat.

Low maintenance

The Super Asia room cooler is one of the most popular models in Pakistan. It is specially designed to withstand the intense heat of Pakistan’s summers. This room cooler is easy to operate and requires only a daily water change. It has Swedish pads to aid evaporation and an air outlet that’s big enough to cool the entire room. It works day and night, reducing the intensity of heat in the room.

The Super Asia cooling unit has a copper motor that guarantees smooth performance. It also uses imported cooling pads to cool the room evenly. This unit also has a control panel where you can change the temperature settings. This model of room cooler in Pakistan can be used all day long and significantly reduce the intensity of the summer heat. It comes in several sizes, including a compact ECM-6500 model that holds 65 liters of water.


You can buy reliable and energy-efficient room coolers in Pakistan from Super Asia. These products are specifically designed to withstand the intense heat of Pakistan’s summer. They come with many features, including an evaporation pad and a huge air outlet. These features make them ideal for cooling a room, and the user can use them all day long, reducing the intensity of the heat.

Super Asia room coolers are made of durable plastic and are easy to install. They are ideal for home and office use. They also use a low-voltage power source and are easy to clean. In addition, they are available at an affordable price. This makes them a great choice for budget-conscious consumers.


The durability of a Super Asia room cooler Price in Pakistan can’t be questioned. The company is committed to delivering excellent products at competitive prices. Moreover, the room cooler’s price range is not out of reach for the average Pakistani household. Its low electricity consumption makes it a suitable option for home or office use.

The company offers a model of a super Asia room cooler. Whether you need one for the home or office, Super Asia has a variety to suit your needs. The room cooler’s design is sleek and stylish and it comes with a large internal water tank and honeycomb pad for extra comfort. It also features a four-way movement wheel for easy movement. It’s easy to install and clean, and its durable plastic construction makes it a good buy for any budget.

Does not require a monthly service contract

Super Asia is one of the leading manufacturers of air coolers in Pakistan. Its products are cost-effective and durable. They offer a wide range of features, including a large water tank capacity and honeycomb cooling pads. These air coolers are easy to install and maintain, and they run on less electricity than standard air conditioners. They can be used in homes or offices and come in portable and full-size models.


The Super Asia Company produces high-quality room coolers at affordable prices. These cooling appliances are easy to install and maintain. They are also energy efficient and can save on electricity bills. These room coolers are suitable for homes and offices. They are available in portable models and full-sized ones.

These room coolers are ideal for homes or offices during hot summers. They come with various cooling modes and speed settings. Moreover, they are perfect for rooms with high humidity levels. They are easy to use and can be used at both home and office.


The Super Asia room cooler is a reliable, high-quality, and affordable product. It is made with efficient engineering and smart designs to withstand Pakistan’s hot summers. Besides, these room coolers use less electricity than their traditional counterparts. Its low price makes it a great buy for any home or office.

Super Asia makes some of the most popular room air coolers in Pakistan. This brand produces room air coolers with a high number of features. They feature a Swedish pad system for evaporation and an expansive air outlet. These features make the air cooler a powerful cooling device, enabling users to use it all day long, and reducing the intensity of the heat.


Super Asia produces some of the best room air coolers in Pakistan. These units are specifically designed to withstand the heat of Pakistan’s summers. These products have many features, including Swedish pads for evaporation and a large air outlet. This makes them a great choice for home use because they are easy to use all day long and will reduce the intensity of the heat.

Super Asia coolers are extremely durable and are built with the highest quality materials. They are shock-proof and rust-proof. Moreover, these units feature auto-air swings. These units are easy to install and clean. This makes them an excellent choice for both home and office use.

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