Taking Care of Curly Hair: A Beginner’s Guide

Most curly-haired people don’t embrace their natural crown, their curls. Lack of knowledge about taking care of them might be the reason for that. In the olden days, there was indeed a lack of products specialized for different hair types but nowadays, with the advancement of technology, so many new accessories for curly hair have been popping up. So why not utilize them to get the hair of your dreams?

Using Specialized Shampoos and Conditioners

Using products specifically designed for one’s hair type is the most important step in creating a hair care routine. There are so many shampoos and conditioners out there in the market claiming to be the best, the trick is to find the right product keeping your hair type in mind. People with curly hair can go for deeply moisturizing products to get rid of the frizz. 

Mask Away

Most people don’t think that applying a hair mask is important. And in some cases, it’s not, but in the case of curly hair, a good hair mask can do wonders for your curls. It provides the hair with essential nourishment along with keeping the curls intact. It is advised to apply a hair mask at least once a week to keep your hair smooth and frizz-free. 

Oiling For Damage Control

No one indeed likes the sticky feeling of oil in their hair, oiling your hair 3-4 hours before washing them is better than having damaged, frizzy hair. Oils infused with coconut and even almonds have proved to be the go-to products for oiling curly hair.

Say Goodbye to Damage Enhancing Hair Brushes

Hair brushes with coarse and brittle bristles do more damage to hair than any good. They can make curly hair frizzy and rough if used for a prolonged time. That is why it is advised that all the curly-haired gals should switch to wide tooth combs. These combs are generally made out of wood but other materials work just fine as well.

Gels And Creams for Styling

Gone are the days when people used to straighten their hair to look “pretty”. Embracing our natural hair is the new trend. This is possible because of all the new accessories for curly hair, which include hair styling gels as well as creams. These products help to make your curls prominent and bouncy without hiding their natural beauty.

Wash Day Advice

last but not the least, here’s some advice on how and when to wash your hair. People with curly hair should wash their hair no more than twice a week. Washing hair frequently can strip them off of essential oils leading to damage. Another tip is to always be gentle while washing hair, harsh and excessive rubbing can lead to damage as well.

It can be exhausting to follow all these steps but the results are very much worth it. 4mycurls is one of the best websites out there to find hair products for your hair type. They have an extensive range of hair products suited for every kind of hair, be it wavy or coils, you got it!

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