The Best IBDP High Schools in Japan

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Japan is a major G7 economy and one of the most advanced nations in the world. It is the only Asian country to have been a global power since the late nineteenth century and is known around the world as a manufacturer of world class cars and several iconic consumer electronics brands. It is also known for its history and culture. People from all over the world come to Japan as tourists, businessmen and job seekers. As a matter of fact there is a fairly large number of expats who live in Japan with their families. The fact that it has a fair number of excellent international high schools offering the IBDP schools‘ curricula is a testament to that fact. Let us look at some of  the best known ones.

The best IBDP HIgh Schools in Japan

  1. Global Indian International School 

Global Indian International School Tokyo is amongst the leading international high schools in Japan that offer an IBDP curriculum. The school boasts a fabulous campus replete with cutting edge amenities and facilities. It also has some of the best teachers anywhere. Apart from being in IBDP school it offers the Global Montessori Plus, CBSE, Cambridge CLSP and Cambridge IGCSE curricula to its students studying in classes ranging from pre nursery to grade 12. The school not only focuses on academics, but lays equal stress in extracurricular activities. Its students regularly gain admission to some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the world.

  1. The British School in Tokyo

The British School in Tokyo was established in 1989 and comprises two campuses that cater to the educational needs of students from the nursery to the high school level. The school has more than a thousand students  from over 60 nationalities. The school offers the much sought after British curricula. The senior students have to earn the prestigious IGCSE A level diploma. They go on to obtain admission to  some of the best colleges and universities in the world. It is hardly surprising that The British School in Tokyo is one of the most popular international schools among the expats in Japan.

  1. Tokyo International School

Tokyo International School is one of the major IB schools in Japan. It offers its students the IB Primary Years Programme and IB Middle Years programme. That apart, the school is accredited to the Council of International Schools and is known for its use of advanced technology in the classrooms. All the students are given i-Pads or Macbooks to use as part of their education system. TIS is extremely popular with expats as evidenced by the fact that its students hail from 63 different nationalities. Most of them though are from the US and Japan.


Japan, especially Tokyo,  is as international a place as can be and this is reflected in the large number of international high schools it has including many that offer the IB curriculum. Receiving an education in Japan provides the students a good exposure to the best of Eastern and Western values. It is certainly a fantastic place to go to school.

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