The Canada Permanent Resident Visa Procedure: What To Know?


 There are many candidates who aspire to settle in Canada. But the simple thing is this path is quite demanding and you cannot successfully go through it unless you have all the updated information regarding it.  Well, if you are making your application for immigration to Canada then you should do it prudently. If necessary, take help of canada immigration agency in dubai and ensure that you do the procedure rightly and effectively.

Well, this post is going to get you quick idea about the tips that can help you with your immigration application. After all, it is not a cake walk at all and you have to be careful about every step.

Follow the proper CIC Checklist

You need to make sure that you read and understand every single word of such a checklist so you understand exactly what they are simply check for. Make sure that you have included everything they are asking for, in case it is appropriate to you. You can even add extra documents if you believe your application demand them to prove that you must be granted permanent residence. Remember that the responsibility is on the candidate to simply prove that they accomplish the requirements of the program. 

Always keep the copies of your documents

It is important that you retain full copies of whatever you deposit to the CIC for your own records. You must know exactly what your application for permanent residency include and spoke. In case you are informed to attend an interview or CIC is questioning something, you must know what was really in your application once you deposited it. 

Track your overall package

It is always better if in case you send your application by a tractable technique or even method like courier or Xpress Post, and keep the overall receipt with you. It is your proof that your application has been deposited. And it ensures that you send it to the right address that is going to be on the checklist. 

Avoid using staples 

It would be nice if you use the clips or binder clips to grip the application together. Once CIC gets an application they will drill a hole in the upper left hand corner of the documents and they simply insert a fastener to hold the entire application together. It actually frustrates them to need to eliminate a bunch of staples, so make it convenient for these people. You are simply trying your best to impress these fellows, don’t you?

Finish application forms on a computer

It is always good if you do the application forms on a desktop. Don’t simply handwrite them. It must be a no-brainer in this time, but it is worth mentioning and repeating. In case you complete the form in an electronic manner, it is not simply easier but even reduces the risk of errors that can slow down the procedure of application. 


To sum up, you should check out the assistance of the best consultancy in dubai for canada and ensure that you perform all the tasks of procedures carefully and effectively.

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