The Importance Of Fencing On Construction Sites To Block Noise

A good way to manage noise on construction sites is to put up fencing on the construction site or hoardings with soundproofing panels to act as a barrier.

For the purpose of building site hoarding in the environment, soundproof panels are affixed to the back of the panels to reduce the sound in the area by 16.5 decibels (for an average 300 Hz sound).

Installing the loud equipment behind the construction hoarding and creating a space between the fence and the external surroundings is a good way to cut down on the amount of noise.

What Exactly Is The Definition Of Site Hoarding?

Hoarding on sites (also call hoarding for construction) is a type that is temporary fence. This is employ to create a barrier between the venues during large events, and to keep people out of the construction site of industrial companies. This kind of temporary fencing may be observe at:

  • Outdoor events
  • Parking spaces
  • Sites for emergency relief
  • Disaster-related sites

Site Hoarding Regulations

Construction site hoarding is strong fencing made of timber that is erected around boundaries of demolition and construction sites.

Their durability and sturdy exterior mean that the public is protect to the maximum extent, while the inside isn’t visible to the public thus reducing the chance of theft base on opportunism.

Benefits Of Site Hoardings

  • The risk of trespassing in error is very low.
  • Materials and equipment are secure from theft
  • Legal and insurance requirements are fulfilled
  • Intruders are repelled from vandalism and theft
  • The use of the internet is prohibited at all times.
  • Standards for safety are being met


Hoardings on sites were enact as a result of it was the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 was approve. While this law didn’t explicitly require hoardings, but the requirement to keep people from getting into construction sites mean that there was a need for an area that was secure.

This confusion was clear up by the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 which made hoardings an essential part of security and security at the site. It’s now a standard practice to install hoardings at the site of any area where significant construction or demolition work is taking place.

Regulator 13 (6)

This regulation emphasises the importance of contractors having to take “reasonable measures” to block access by unauthorise persons to the site.

Hoardings are one of them, but it also specifies the system of control access to the area via secured gates. It is often necessary to verify workers identification cards or requiring deliveries to be schedule to ensure that it is know constantly who’s on and off the site.

The Regulation 27 (2)

Regulation 27 (2) highlights the necessity for adequate signs and security to the people. For instance, site hoardings are not require to improve pavements and subterranean systems work when there is a visible shallow trench.

The Safety Aspect And Site Perimeter

The contractor is require to design the site and determine the perimeter of the site prior to deciding on appropriate hoardings for the site to meet the regulations above.

The plans should also specify the possibility that the site and the hoardings on it are to be move during the construction process.

All of this is complete to complete the risk evaluation. The contractor then has to make arrangements for the appropriate hoardings to be up on the job site prior to when work can begin.

The hoardings should remain in place throughout the course of construction. This involves regular inspections of the perimeter as well as making adjustments or strengthening of hoardings as need.

3 Simple Ways To Incorporate Construction Hoarding Into Digital Marketing Channels

Off-of-home (OOH) marketing is one type of advertisement intend to contact consumers even when they are not home. Platforms can include benches, billboards taxis, buses posters, construction hoarding.

To fully benefit from this opportunity, you need to integrate it with your online marketing channels to create a seamless marketing strategy. Here’s how:

Include A Link To Your Website And QR Code On Your Graphics

This will allow you to monitor the impact of your hoardings for construction. It should also be concise and simple to remember.

Create A Memorable Name For Your Development

It should be consistent with the images and catchy enough to make it simple to Google later on. Make sure your site has be optimise to be search engine friendly, so that your website appears in the search result page.

Make Use Of Media

Social media is an effective method to generate excitement around your construction hoarding or new construction. A great method to interact with customers on using social media platforms is to add hashtags in your design. Ask users to take a picture of the hoarding before posting it with the hashtag.

Easy Steps To Help The Construction Sign Stand Out

Construction site hoarding is so commonplace in urban areas that it can be difficult to create your own mark in the rest of the crowd.

To that, are other visual distractions in an urban landscape that appears to be competing for attention? These four simple steps will to make your home more visible:

Make Use Of Lights To Make Your Images Visible In Darkness

Why should your graphics virtually disappear throughout every day, while they could be helping to promote your brand’s message all day long?

Additionally, by lighting the walkways that pedestrians walk on, you help the community. Lighting is an affordable expense and an efficient way to get the attention of people walking around after dark.

Also, Include Public Art

Placing artwork on your construction foamex sheets signs can help to draw attention and instantly improve your image.

It lets people know that you are concern about the visual impact that your construction project has on the streetscape and you are interest in helping beautify the area.

Additionally, it allows you to encourage local artists to showcase the work of local artists in a public manner. In Toronto as well as others across Canada certain by-laws mandate hoardings for construction to contain some percentage in public art.

Integrate 3D Signage

The addition of a customized 3D sign can help make your message stand out and provide an additional dimension to your hoarding images.

The signs of these kinds appear very attractive and can be real eye-catchers. The panels are able to be customise with heights that can go up at 16.5 feet high.

Are There Any Regulations Regarding Hoarding On Sites And How Can I Comply?

Yes there are hoarding regulations you’ll need to be aware of on your construction site. They apply to everything from material and height to the advertising and signs that are place on them.

Their goal is to keep everyone who works visitors and pedestrians safe throughout the day. Here’s how to ensure that your hoarding on the construction site is secure and secured.

Respecting The Regulations For Hoarding On Site

It’s your duty to ensure the construction area is a safe area to be in. It’s not just about those working on the site as well as pedestrians who pass by and neighbours.

Printed Foamex on sites must adhere to specific regulations that must be approved according to the Health and Safety Act 1974 which is covered in the HSE’s Protecting the public guide.


Sites should have a fencing or barrier that is 2.4 metres in height. For security fences that are high-security or hoardings on sites, it is increase to 3 metres.

While these rules have be in place, no location is alike and some might require a higher fence especially within a city centre.


Hoardings are either temporary or permanent installations that are buil on their own or integrate into existing structures. They are from timber or steel, and, in some cases, additional materials such as barb wire.

The hoarding must be durable enough to withstand impacts and massive loads. The hoarding is often coat or paint with the company’s logo, or with advertising.

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