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If you’re looking for an online meeting tool, you may want to check out Mindful Meeting Pros. They offer a wide variety of services to help you create effective meetings. These services include Corporate Event Planning, Hotel Deals, On-Site Event Management, and more. Keep reading to learn more.

Corporate Event Planning

The first step in creating a corporate event is to come up with an idea. Once you have an idea, you must consider a few things, including the type of event you plan to host, the date, and the general theme. You will also need to develop a proposal that lays out the agenda, potential locations, and resources you will need for the event.

Corporate event planners can use mindful practices to deal with the high stress levels that often come with event planning. Stress is one of the leading causes of sickness among event professionals, according to the World Health Organization. A study conducted at Case Western Reserve University revealed that attendees who received mindfulness training improved their alertness. While some companies have been reluctant to incorporate mindfulness into their event planning, many are discovering the benefits of the technique.

Corporate event planning is not an easy task. From venue selection to catering, it requires careful planning. You must know what your target audience wants and need, as well as the budget. Otherwise, you could end up wasting money on an event that will not meet your goals.

Hotel Deals

The Mandarin Oriental hotel group has introduced a new global initiative, MMP that focuses on bringing mindfulness and wellness to conferences and meetings. Developed around five wellness-related dimensions, Mindful Meetings is designed to make meetings and conferences more productive and effective. By focusing on the wellbeing of participants and delivering an exceptional experience, this program will help clients get the most out of their meetings and conferences.

On-Site Event Management

Mindful events are designed to enhance your event’s success by changing the participant’s state of mind. They help your attendees be more relaxed and open to your ideas. Mindful event design can be achieved with a few simple changes to your event design, such as the walk-in music. Some types of music cause confusion in the brain while others help organize cognitive responses.

Event planners should also build ample wiggle room into their event plans. It’s important not to schedule activities back-to-back, so that attendees have adequate time to digest the information presented to them. Event management tools allow you to track how much time attendees spend at each exhibit. This can give you an overall picture of how the event flows, identifying areas that need extra time.

One of the benefits of mindful meetings is that they promote the integration of left and right brain activities. This is especially important in close-proximity scenarios. Mindful meetings can also help you make sure attendees enjoy their time together. They can be enhanced by physical and mental warm-up exercises.


In a Mindful Meeting, the participants work together to resolve conflicts in a cooperative way. To do this, they use Contemplative Dialogue and the practice of identifying and addressing conflict. This approach encourages the group to be respectful and objective, and to choose mindful solutions. A mindful meeting focuses on the communal agenda, invites everyone into the collective consciousness, and asks questions that clarify misunderstandings.

The goal of any mindful group or community is to reduce suffering. This is the very essence of compassion. By focusing on reducing suffering, mindful communities will produce a greater capacity for compassion and compassionate responses. This can be a long-term impact of community building. This article offers a concise description of the principles that underlie mindful community building.

Mindfulness increases one’s awareness of their own gifts and the gifts of others. This increases the group’s collective consciousness, which turns possibility into reality. It also enhances the capacity of group members to collaborate and work towards consensus.

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