Tips for maintaining dental suction

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In order to maintain a profitable and unencumbered dental practice, it is vital to keep dental equipment in good working order. To properly maintain the dental equipment, the dental clinic staff only needs to devote a minimum amount of time.

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Suction systems are used in most dental procedures to remove all oral fluids, such as saliva, blood, and pus, from the oral cavity for a more comfortable procedure without compromising visibility.

A well-functioning dental system is a great experience for both dental team members and patients. As a result of an increased risk of contamination and infections, both the staff and the patient are stressed and concerned when suction volume is reduced.

What are the reasons for maintaining the suction system?

It is important to maintain this system regularly to ensure that it runs properly at the dental clinic. Since it requires manual cleaning of foul-smelling traps, it is often overlooked.

In order to keep the system running smoothly, the suction pipes and solids filter net should be cleaned regularly. A dental office may experience a variety of problems if suction lines are not maintained regularly.

  • Backflow of materials suctioned
  • There are serious hygiene problems
  • The patient’s health is at risk
  • Due to a reduction in aspiration power, more aerosol clouds form
  • There is a risk of contamination
  • Slow suction power results in lower productivity
  • Inefficient suction system

In addition to its many advantages, dental evacuation systems also offer numerous advantages. If effective cleaning methods are followed, suction lines will remain free of particulates, the suction flow will be maintained and patients will receive the best possible care.

Here are three useful tips for maintaining your suction system

To keep your suction system in perfect working order, you must perform several routine maintenance procedures. Maintaining it will extend its lifespan, so it is well worth your time.

Suction lines are flushed daily

It is advised to regularly clean the suction tubes to prevent the accumulation of debris inside the tubes that could lead to clogging in the future. Chlorine-based disinfectants should never be used for cleaning since they can cause internal valves or other metal components inside the lines to corrode. When the proper disinfectant is applied, it offers a secure and affordable option.

The use of a non-foamy cleanser is advised for a dry suction system since foaming cleansers run the risk of coating the air rotor with dirt, which would result in a reduction in suction volume. The likelihood of backflow of the suctioned materials is significantly decreased by daily cleaning of the suction lines.

Debris Filter Net Cleaning on a daily basis

When the dentist removes the previous restoration or makes an alginate impression, the solid debris is sucked through the suction line. By sucking the trash into the lines, conventional methods might clog them. However, today’s suctioning equipment includes a debris filter net that captures all solid debris and keeps the lines from becoming clogged. As a result, it becomes important to clean the filter net every day. Additionally, it maintains the cleanliness of the clinic by preventing the foul odour that results from clogged drainage pipes.  Thanks for reading the articles. If you want to maintain your chair, follow the link and read the complete guide.

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