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Top 4 Water Feature Options to Choose from

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Alt image text: Cascading waterfalls in a backyard

Did you know that around 77% of households believe that they are in need of a well-designed yard? Other than its additional value in homeownership, we humans are drawn to nature. Our mental and physical welfare is wired to be calmer when we are surrounded by green spaces. This tops it even better if you add a water feature.

While most renovation materials are available in your nearby stores, a majority of these items may be overpriced. For cheap and high-quality materials to upgrade your yard, look for suppliers in China and contact China Air Freight Service to ship your sourced items.

Other than that, reliable valves for your plumbing system is a must for any yard renovation with a water feature. It is wise to purchase your valves from a dependable valve supplier as this would grant you an ideal and operational water system.

1. Ponds

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Alt image text: Beautiful yard with a pond

This water feature is beneficial to wildlife. If maintained well, it expands biodiversity and can become a habitat for diverse species. A few types of ponds are: reflecting pools, ornamental pools, water gardens, and fish ponds.

How to Decorate Ponds

When it comes to a fish pond, the possibilities are limitless. Ideally, it should be placed where it is visible. Beautiful plants such as marginal types like water lilies, floating types like water hyacinths, and submerged types like moss which help oxygenate the surroundings, and vibrant fish can liven up any landscape.

Your backyard becomes an oasis when you add lighting, rocks, and waterfalls. This not only looks nice, but it also adds value to your home. Combination features that incorporate multiple elements can be designed to create a one-of-a-kind creation that will enhance your unique landscape.

How to Maintain Ponds

As needed, replenish the water level. It is essential to keep the proper water balance and prevent salt and mineral buildup. Remember that conserving water levels involves a variety of steps depending on the amounts added

Regularly testing for ammonia, chloramines, and chlorine is recommended. The optimum amounts of these should be sustained for fish to survive.

2. Fountains

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Alt image text: Fountain in a backyard

Fountains come with their natural and calming sounds, offering a rejuvenating ambiance in your home. If your home is in close proximity to the public or other residents, this option will drown out noise perfectly.

How to Decorate Fountains

Small fountains also require decors in small sizes to ensure balance in their design elements. Simply put, the dimensions of the decor are crucial so that it doesn’t overly complement the fountain itself.

Accentuate your water feature with stones that match textures to add a feel. Make sure that these elements blend in with the surroundings of your fountain. Plants can add ambiance to your fountain but remember to balance the size accordingly.

How to Maintain Fountains

Submerge the pump in water. You’ll need to replenish the moisture in your fountain on a regular basis. The frequency with which you must do this is determined by a variety of factors unique to your location, such as climate, fountain size, and so on.

Next, sanitize the pump. This is necessary to keep debris and leaves from clogging your pump. Wiping the fountain bowl to remove dirt and debris will lengthen the lifespan of your water system as well.

3. Waterfalls

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Alt image text: Waterfall in a backyard

The splashing motion of water in this option will do a great job drowning out noise, especially in houses near highways. Other than its aesthetic appeal, the soothing sounds of the water can give off an invigorating ambiance to your home.

How to Decorate Waterfalls

For a more natural appeal, emulate the design elements of a waterfall with stones and plants in various sizes. Position the stones in such a way that it does not obstruct the water flow. Try blending these elements with the surroundings of your water feature so that they complement one another.

Usually, the elements you can add to a waterfall vary on the dimensions of the feature itself. If you have a large waterfall, you should utilize stones and plants that are large. Apply the same language accordingly to other dimensions.

How to Maintain Waterfalls

Many water features construct waterfalls out of rocks of various shapes and sizes.  While they offer visual appeal, their debris may accumulate in pumps and surfaces. To avoid causing problems from the water flow, regularly remove the debris as needed or once a week.

Make sure to trim your plants so that it doesn’t disrupt wildlife and the flow of water. If you wish to take care of a fish in your water feature, look out for their health as well. Their welfare is also a sign that your waterfalls are well-maintained.

4. Streams

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Alt image text: Well-designed stream

The natural architecture of streams can be well-integrated with the dimensions of side yards. If your house is built with large windows on its side, this water feature option is the perfect match for your home. Other than landscaping, the sight of water flowing just outside your window may exude relaxation and meditation.

Renovating your side yards does not have to be costly because there are low-maintenance side yard ideas you can choose from.

The allocation of the lot size in a side yard is usually narrow and corridor-like. This makes it cheaper to renovate as the space isn’t usually huge, unlike your main yards in the front and the back.

How to Decorate Streams

Like decorating the earlier mentioned water features, rely on the allotted size of your streams when choosing your design elements. Balance out your stones and plants so that they accentuate the feature itself, without overwhelming it.

How to Maintain Streams

Prolong the lifespan of your streams by regularly replenishing the water as needed. The climate of your residential home is usually the deciding factor on how frequently you should maintain your water level.

Also, look out for dirt and debris buildup. The use of stones, plants, and other wildlife needs routine maintenance to avoid over-flourishing on your streams. This also makes sure that water flow is not disrupted.


When you think about your home, its image alone should already relax you. Home improvement does more than visually appealing to its residents. A well-designed home plays a key role in its residents’ physical and mental welfare. Bringing nature to your home by adding plants and water features via shipment are great options to consider when renovating your home.

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