Top 5 Best HR Software in Pakistan for 2023

Read this review and comparison of the best small business HR software and select the best HR software in Pakistan from this list:

Human Resources Information System (HRIS) software is a digital solution that allows us to manage and optimize the daily activities of human resources. For organizations, the tool plays a key role in helping the company manage its overall HR goals. The Best HR Software in Pakistan also helps HR managers and executives allocate their time and resources more efficiently, resulting in increased productivity and profitable efforts.

HR software Tasks

HR software can also accelerate automation initiatives by automating manual tasks, organizing employee information, and developing data-driven reports. It can do all of this electronically and put an end to the need for paperwork and, at the same time, assist staff with important tasks like performance appraisal, updating employee information, and time tracking.

In this tutorial, we will list the best HR software available. We have collected the best free HRIS software and paid versions to help you choose the ideal solution for your needs.

Professional type: An HR system is multifunctional software. Therefore, you should be extremely careful before choosing one for your business. The main purpose of any HR software is to help you with the onboarding process as well as with planning and scheduling. Aside from that, a good HRIS solution needs to be mobile and easy to use, while also offering recruiting and payroll tools.

However, the criteria for the best HRIS software can change based on what your organization truly needs. Therefore, you need to carefully consider your company’s goals and objectives and consider a solution that offers most of the functionality you need at a reasonable price.

Frequent Questions

Why do companies use the HR Information System (HRIS)?

Answer: An HRIS system software is a human resources database application where we keep track of information related to candidates and employees. It helps companies move information from an employee file and transfer it to a human resources database, helps human resources deliver faster, and assists in efficient reporting.

What features can we expect from the HRIS software?

Answer: Each HR software specializes in a defined set of features and most of them offer a combination of the following features.

Employee training documents, Employee Self Service, Self Service Manager, Performance reviews, and compensations

Who needs HR software?

Answer: Any business that wants to monitor large numbers of employees efficiently needs HR software. An ideal HR tool frees you from paper documents and spreadsheets and paves the way for automation.

Typically, companies with more than 50 employees need the HR software marketplace to effectively manage employee records and processes.

What is the difference between HRMS vs. HRIS software?

Answer: HRIS as a system offers companies information storage in the form of a database.

HRIS software often contains several related databases. HRMS (Human Resource Management Software) is a more comprehensive HR tool that offers various HR functions, such as payroll, benefits administration, performance analysis and review, recruitment, and training.

Since both of these tools are so similar, it’s hard to tell them apart. Additionally, many HRIS systems offer all of these features in one package, thus making things more confusing. Therefore, most HR tool providers consider both of these solutions to be more or less the same.

List of the best HR software in Pakistan

Here is the list of the most popular HRIS systems available on the market:

Bamboo, Zen fits, Megaphone, Workable, Payroll systems of human resources, Comparison of the best HRIS systems, let’s take a closer look at these HRIS software:

Bamboo HR

Ideal for medium to large companies that want a premium product and advanced features. Bamboo HR collects and organizes all the necessary information during the entire life cycle of an employee in the company. With advanced features like people analytics, preprocessing, payroll, and benefits management, the tool gives you everything you need to manage all of your staff effectively.


Unique and secure database with powerful and engaging reports. A full suite of automated onboarding tools. Simple, self-service time tracking, paid leisure time, and benefit tracking. Modern and mobile candidate tracking. Latest tools for measuring engagement.

Verdict: While a little expensive compared to others, Bamboo HR’s solid features and intuitive user interface put it a notch above all other HR tools. It’s hard to find a solution that gives you all the features you need for HR but doesn’t cost you much. Zen fits provides small businesses with the perfect set of tools to scale as their business grows and keep their workforce happy and productive.


Ideal for medium and large businesses that want an advanced candidate tracking tool. Bullhorn is an accurate candidate tracking system that offers several features for employee recruitment and staffing. Despite, specializing in HR and recruiting, it offers its users additional CRM capabilities, including sales and account management.


Applicant monitoring, Recruitment, Recruiting agency, Staff agency

Verdict: With incredible recruiting and recruiting capabilities and intuitive controls, Bullhorn offers one of the best candidate tracking software for medium and large businesses.

Workable offers a robust, customizable, and easy-to-use solution for customers of all skill levels. It offers small and medium-sized businesses an intuitive candidate tracking and recruiting tool with several amazing features.

You can easily review and track a candidate’s profile and process candidates as part of a job application from one central location.


Application forms optimized for mobile devices, Email and calendar synchronization, Interview kit and scorecard, over 70 third-party integrations, and Offer letters with electronic signatures. Large-scale rental The annual plan is priced annually based on a company’s specific needs.

Verdict: Workable gives small and medium businesses access to a large pool of premium job listings along with a large set of candidate tracking (AT) features, thus helping them to hire better candidates more efficiently.

Human resources payroll systems

Ideal for Small Business HR Software Platform. HR Payroll Systems simplifies and streamlines human resource management for small businesses. It works well with your machine and helps you manage business operations efficiently, keeping your employees happy and increasing productivity.

Benefits administration, Performance evaluation, Applicant monitoring, Learning management. Verdict: From benefits management to candidate tracking, the HR payroll system is the perfect platform for finding an HR solution that fits all of your needs.

People offers solutions for the administration of human resources for small and medium-sized enterprises. The company specializes in providing constructive and in-depth graphical reports, providing users with excessive guidance on HR processes, and engaging them in high-impact activities.

The solution turns mundane HR processes into engaging and fun processes, thus enabling aspiring HR professionals to play a more important role in their businesses.


Workforce management, 360-degree feedback, Applicant monitoring, Human resources

Performance evaluation

Santeria HR offers users a wide range of employee management functions, thus making employee management efficient and easy. Using this tool, you can set up career paths for employees and match them with the organization’s goals. At the same time, you can create evaluation and review forms, perform in-depth performance reviews, interact with different talent pools, and view and align goals via graphical dashboards.


360-degree feedback, Payroll management, Custom rating scales, Customizable templates, Individual development plans

Verdict: Santeria is a great HR solution for efficient end-to-end talent management; however, the cost of the tool makes it more suitable for medium and large companies. ADP Workforce now offers extended capabilities in HR, payroll, benefits, and talent management, thus providing all the tools you need to implement efficient administration, and best practices, and ensure process efficiency and support.


Onboarding, Applicant monitoring, Employee database, Benefits management, Employee profiles

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