Top 5 reasons to pursue a Masters in UI/UX Design in India after graduation?

UI Design connotes User Interface Design and it refers to visual aesthetics and appearance of an app or website or a video game. Its aim is to develop user-friendly intuitive experience for the end user, making it convenient for them to access & utilize the product’s features and functionality. In pursuance of this objective, UI Designer designs each page, individual screens, buttons & icons user’s swipe or click or tap on, its arrangement, typography, transitions, colour schemes, interface animations etc. UI Design also involves making a decision regarding choices of user interface whether the users should navigate utilizing Voice-Controlled Interface or Gesture Based Interface or Graphical User Interface. In a way UI Design help strengthen end users interaction with the brand leading to strong recall and loyalty.      

User Experience (UX) Design involves process of designing and improving the overall experience the user may have while using the product or website or an app. UX Design entails examining consumer behaviour & preferences, appraising competition & the market trends. The insights gained facilitates in designing not only Information architecture, wireframes and prototypes but also testing them so as to offer a positive, logical, efficient and enjoyable experience, thereby enhancing brand loyalty.

UI/UX Design help attract customer attention, enhance web engagement, build brand recognition, thereby boosting business revenue.

Reasons to pursue Masters in UI/UX Design:

Offers immense career prospects: The pandemic was the catalyst that enhanced the speed of digitisation. Your very existence is determined by your online presence. Each and every company is on the digital platform. In the year 2022, there were over 2 billion websites in the world and over 5 billion Internet users. Infact by 2026, worldwide the expected number of mobile 5G subscription will jump to 5 billion. Furthermore, the Indian gaming market, by 2027, is anticipated to rise to $8.6 billion. This scenario presents huge potential for students who are pursuing Masters in UI/UX Design

Research & Analytical abilities: Masters in UI/UX Design offer students with capabilities in research and analytics, thus enabling them to effectively identify the right candidate, administer open ended surveys as well as focused group study under varied conditions, learn to decode qualitative as well as quantitative data, thereby gaining insights that facilitate better product or website or app experience. This positive outcome results in high rate of recommendations & brand recall.    

Skills in Wire framing, prototyping & testing: The curriculum tutors students in information architecture and wire framing, in addition to building capabilities in use of variety of technologies, software & tools such as Invision or Marvel etc. to build prototypes (mockups) for testing. After sorting out all the issues, final high-fidelity design (final mockup) of the product is constructed to resemble the final coded product.

Distinct Advantage: Pursuing a Masters in UI/UX Design sets the student apart as an expert in their field as the curriculum concentrates on latest design theories & methodologies, thus giving competitive edge over others.Coding Skills: The curriculum ensures comprehensive knowledge about coding like HTML and CSS etc., thereby facilitate comprehension of software architecture along with its varied constraints by UI/UX designer, thus enabling better collaboration with software engineers. This will lead to development of effective & practic

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