Top Internet Firewalls for Businesses for Protection of Cyber Threats

A network of security systems which has predetermined security rules and it controls and monitors the upcoming and outgoing network traffic is known as internet firewall. The main benefit of internet firewall is that it can establish a barrier between different internet networks. Some other benefits of an internet firewall for a business website are that it monitors the traffic that is entering into a computer network, it can protect your website from the attack of hackers and it can also reduce the risk of the key-bloggers from monitoring your website. Nowadays, lots of internet firewalls are available on the internet. Here, experts of dissertation help company will discuss top internet firewalls for the business that can protect your business from cyber threats.

Cisco ASA:

Cisco ASA has all the qualities that your business should have to protect from the attack of the hackers. It is useful for small business owners only. You can use its hardware firewall and this hardware firewall will be helpful to you to protect your entire network. It will also provide you with a software and this software will also be helpful to you to protect each device in your office. You can also get lots of checkpoints for the security of the network and with the help of these checkpoints, you will get an opportunity for the endpoint protection of your business. The companies which have multiple locations can also get lots of benefits from this internet firewall system because this internet firewall provides lots of VPN routers for these companies. Anyhow, the only downfall of this internet firewall is that its interface is difficult to use.


Firewalla provides you with pre-installed security software for the protection of your devices. Anyhow, you can also use its hardware. You just need to connect its hardware with the router and the WAN port. After connecting this hardware, this device will act as a filter for your business website. It means that you will be able to protect your devices from the attack of hackers. Its reason is that this device will block all the malicious traffic and software that are trying to visit your website. This internet firewall also provides you with an opportunity for content filtering. It means that you can easily control which sites can get access to your website and which should not. Moreover, if you want to save your employees from the distractions, this firewall network will block all the other sites which can distract the attention of the employees from the main theme of the work.


If you are running your business at different locations, SonicWall is the best internet firewall for you. Its reason is that this internet firewall provides site-to-site VPN capabilities for your business. This internet firewall system will also provide VPN tunnels for your business. With the help of these VPN tunnels, your employees can easily share files and important data with the help of a secured network. This internet firewall system can also provide different VPN software to different clients. The most important quality of this internet firewall is that it can also provide a web application firewall for the users. With the help of this web firewall application, it is easy for the businessmen to control permission of the applications while connecting to the internet. This kind of facility of internet firewall means that you are providing the best security and customization facilities for your business. The load balancing facility of this internet firewall is also helpful to you to balance the incoming requests between the servers.

Palo Alto Networks:

There are some companies which are using cloud sharing file services like Google Drive and Apple iCloud. If you are also running this kind of company, Palo Alto Network is the best internet firewall for you. Its reason is that cloud storage is not the part of your internal network and most of the internet firewalls don’t provide security and protection of these cloud networks. Anyhow, Palo Alto Networks provides you with the site-to-site VPN tunnels and these site-to-site VPN tunnels create a virtual network for your business. As a result, it is easy for them to handle your cloud storage. That’s why this internet firewall system is providing the best and secured system to protect your cloud data. The only downside of this internet firewall network is that it doesn’t analyze the actual data that is transmitted from your device. Its reason is that it just keeps a record of the origin of the IP addresses. As a result, this internet firewall system becomes less authentic to use for the businessmen.

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