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When deciding on a behind-the-counter, wall-mounted menu, digital menu boards are increasingly becoming a popular option for restaurants. They give clients the impression that they are dealing with a modern company, and the staff appreciates how simple it is.

It is super easy to make changes to the menu, prices and even the look of the menu sign. The best part is that they are clear and simple to read. This article will go through the specifics of creating a digital menu board. 

A few of the suggestions, however, may be used with traditional menu boards as well. So, without further ado, here we go!

Make the font size as big as you can

If this is your first time making metal signs for business, you may find yourself debating about information to include. You could have a wide selection of products available. Naturally, the more you give away, the quicker you’ll run out of storage space. 

One option is to reduce the font size so that it all fits!

However, if you go more than around 20 feet away from your board, you will no longer be able to see the writing. The conflict starts right here! 

The rule of thumb is to increase the font size as much as feasible. The design of your menu board may need many revisions before you find success. A few pointers that might come in use at this time are as follows:

  • Lessen the load of data
  • Don’t get bogged down in unnecessary detail
  • When it comes to menu boards, less is always more
  • Change up your font options in your menu sign
  • Changing the typeface may add space and make the text easier to read
  • Put in additional screens to show the whole menu
  • Repeatedly revise your menu’s language until you have a simple, straightforward menu
  • Make sure the typefaces are legible

Selecting the proper typeface is crucial to the success of your design. It’s tempting, for instance, to experiment with typefaces intended to convey a sense of expert craftsmanship. However, your customers may have a hard time deciphering metal signs for business

Keep in mind that the designer knows exactly what’s on the menu. You should be able to see every word of it clearly. Having said that, the following typefaces are consistently legible:

  • Arial
  • Helvetica
  • Veranda
  • Trebuchet
  • Merriweather

Depending on the company, a brand style guide may exist outlining the specific typefaces and typography. When making your menu board, be sure to follow that particular style guide. 

Which hues work best on a menu board?

The most crucial part of colour selection is using a colour scheme that is consistent with your company’s identity. To repeat, many restaurants adhere to a set of guidelines that include a preferred colour scheme for menu sign boards.

Even if you’ve never seen a style guide before, it’s likely that someone, somewhere, has made one. Choose colours for the menu board design based on the recommendations in the style guide.

If you don’t have a certain colour scheme in mind, going with complimentary hues is typically a safe idea.

Avoid the wait

Creating interactive digital menus that users can swipe, wiggle and animate is a lot of fun. But for those who need to use the menu, reading it may be a living hell. It’s really annoying when a customer is in the midst of placing an order and the screen suddenly shifts!

It’s annoying for the consumer, and it’s annoying for your business’s bottom line, too! 

Customer order times directly correlate to revenue. Customers who don’t want to wait will leave, while those who are unhappy will decide not to return. So, avoid complexity at all costs when it comes to metal signs for business.

Take photographs or not?

Including visuals of your food and drink products in marketing materials may boost sales of such things. Nevertheless, there is a price to pay. 

It may be a good idea to focus more time and energy on your specials and money generators. You may, however, run into the same issues outlined above if it causes your menu sign to become too congested. Hence, it might complicate the human ability to make any more decisions.

Quality of the food photography

Last but not least, the quality of your food photography will make a difference. However, adding photographs or photos might backfire if they are of low quality and turn off potential buyers. It may seem apparent, but we’ve seen it happen! 

Consequently, try it out with a test menu and check if it underperformed in comparison to the original. If it did, the photographs weren’t great, you should run another test with better photos.

Take Away

When you change the menu on the board, your regulars may become confused. If parts of the site are reorganised, users may get dissatisfied since they can’t quickly locate the information they need. Only make changes to your menu board if:

  • You need to update the current price on the metal signs for business
  • To put a brand-new model up against a tried-and-true one for comparison

In the wee hours of the morning, you may wake up with a brilliant new idea for your restaurant’s menu. This is a risky strategy that, if unsuccessful, may kill sales and, more crucially, profitability.


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