Training Your Pet Pooch to Obey the Place Command

Training a furry baby is as essential as providing it with other basic life needs. It can help you manage your pup, allow you to communicate effectively with it, and save you from dealing with potentially embarrassing situations.

While mild behavioral issues can be easily corrected, severe cases must be dealt with immediately. Often, behavioral problems can be due to underlying physical health issues you may not be aware of. Timely testing helps confirm physical ailments and lets you seek the right treatment.

Suppose you have pet insurance in NZ, then handling the finances involved in getting your pet treated need not be a significant problem. Cheap pup insurance policies cover a furry pet’s unplanned vet costs during distressing health situations and medical emergencies.

Contemplate purchasing a policy if you haven’t bought one already; otherwise, consider reviewing your current plan or switching to another insurer to avail of optimal health coverage. In the meantime, read this article to learn how to train your pet pooch to respond to the place command.

How does this command help?

The place can mean – go to your crate, bed, mat, or any other designated place and stay there until the owner issues a release command. This command helps control your pet when guests or unfamiliar people arrive home.

It can help prevent your pet from door dashing, jumping on the guests, counter surfing, walking underfoot, sniffing clothes, legs, and other things. You can also consider using this cue to keep your little pupper out of harm’s way while cooking, having dinner at the table, opening the door to receive deliveries, and many other occasions.

How to teach the place command?

  1. First, choose a crate, bed, mat, or towel to indicate the place. This is the place your puppy will be eventually trained to go lie on whenever you give the place command.
  2. After that, say “Place” in a gentle but clearly audible tone and point to the place and lure your dog onto it.
  3. Once your furry baby walks up to the place and comfortably seeks shelter there, ask it to lie down. Check if all four paws are on the mat/bed or in the crate.
  4. Give your pet about a three to five-second break, so it calmly settles down during that window. After this, pick a tasty treat and drop it in between your doggo’s paws.
  5. Practice this sequence (command, pause, treat) several times, so your furry little one gets used to it.
  6. Release your pet after a couple of repetitions, as feeding too many treats may not be in the best interests of your puppy’s health, even if they are for training.
  7. Increase the pauses between treats as your dog picks up the skill. This way, your furry baby learns to stay in the crate or on the mat for longer periods.

Even after successful training, fur babies can put themselves and others into a lot of trouble, especially when there are many distractions in the environment. Consider being prepared with pet insurance NZ so that dealing with unanticipated vet costs for injuries, illnesses and other health emergencies is much easier.

Contemplate purchasing cheap pup insurance at least because every fur baby deserves basic medical care during needy times of health without being financially burdened.

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