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Where to buy essay papers online?

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The given websites are sufficient, including foreign languages, Chinese, journals, master and doctoral dissertations, and various published books.

1.  buy essay online

Let’s talk about Internet cafes first. If you are still in school, you can set up the campus network, then visit and downloading the paper is free.

Moreover, if you have a long-term need to read journals and literature, you will not have such convenient conditions as schools after entering society. The following points are specially prepared for this.

2.  my premium essay


Just search for these words. This is the interface.

Very comprehensive, you can check books, journals, newspapers, etc. There are also master’s and doctoral dissertations. Not only in English but also foreign languages.

Also, this site does not require registration.

At this time, you only need to enter your mailbox and wait for it to be received. The fastest is one or two minutes, and the slowest is three or four hours. There is also the need to enter the verification code, which is a bit slow, but fortunately, it does not charge you.

Another thing to note is that although there is no prompt, there is a limit to its daily downloads. I remember that I downloaded a lot of papers and lost the verification code for a long time in the dark, and then it suddenly reminded me that “Your download limit for today has been used up”.

Then I landed on the third website below – “” to continue downloading.

3.  Resume writing world ( )

OALib is a website with more than 420w academic papers, covering mathematics, physics,

chemistry, engineering, biology, and materials.At present, the website also cooperates with the libraries of many universities at home and abroad, such as Wuhan University, Nanjing

University, and so on. One of its major features is that it supports page snapshots in function. All article websites provide snapshot browsing. You can directly browse the basic information such as article title, author, keywords, and abstract without leaving the website. If you want to view the full text, click to jump to the original address. Downloading, which greatly reduces our time cost, is a more efficient paper search website.

4.  Write essay today


Wanfang is a large-scale online database that covers journals, conference minutes, papers, academic achievements, and academic conference papers. Among them, Wanfang journals collect approximately 70 categories of science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, and humanities. Different kinds of science and technology. Of course, in the era of knowledge

payment, the iron law of maintaining intellectual property rights to the end is inevitable, so some of its documents require readers to pay to read them.

Intechopen free technical literature (

It is an academic platform with almost 200 books and almost 8000 academic articles. It covers biological science, computer and information science, earth science, electrical and electronic

engineering, engineering, materials science, medicine, technology, and other disciplines. The site aims to provide a platform for readers and the scientific community to read, share and download relevant academic materials.

HighWire Stanford Academic Literature Electronic Journal (

HighWire Press claims to be one of the world’s largest publishers of scholarly literature offering free full text. The content included on the website covers life sciences, medicine, physics, social sciences, and other fields. Specifically, 882 electronic journals are included, and the total number of articles has reached 2.82 million, of which more than 1.03 million articles can be obtained free of charge. The key point is that these data are still increasing.

  • Intute academic resource search tool (

Intute is a free, professional, and powerful academic search tool focused on teaching and research, so the quality of papers is guaranteed. The website’s current database information has reached more than 12w. Although Intute only covers the four disciplines of science and technology, arts and humanities, social sciences, health, and life sciences, there are many

sub-disciplines under each field. Taking science and technology as an example, it also covers

astronomy, chemistry, physics, engineering, computing, geography, mathematics, earth science, environment, and interdisciplinary subjects, and more than 3.3w pieces of information can be

searched. Intute includes basic search, advanced search, and subject-based browsing in terms of search functions. The keyword input can be title, keyword, or field description.

LolMyThesis is a dissertation-sharing website founded by students of Harvard College. The

website was originally used by some undergraduates and graduate students to record the pressure they encountered in writing their dissertation and some trivial things they encountered in writing the dissertation, but as more and more people upload it. For your papers, you can already find a lot of useful information here, and all papers support online reading and are free to use.

9.  Download the original e-books in foreign languages (including various minor languages)

  1. Library Genesis


This site is so powerful that it makes me feel like the second one I’ll introduce later has the potential to be a jerk.

I downloaded several foreign books on it a week ago, and I couldn’t find the same books in Gutenberg below. I can’t open it now and I don’t know why. If you need it, you can try it yourself.

  • Projekt Gutenberg (website:

There are PDFs, epubs for kindle reading, and formats. These formats can be converted with the “Calibre” software. Find it yourself if you need it.

It should also be noted that both of these sites only provide electronic versions of books, not journals. For foreign language journals, you can still use the “National Library Reference and Consultation Alliance” to download.

What is the history of the FIFA World Cup?

The FIFA World Cup is an international football tournament held every four years. Teams worldwide compete for the ultimate prize. It is one of the world’s most widely watched and anticipated sporting events, with billions of people tuning in to watch the games. The first World Cup was held in 1930 in Uruguay, and since then, it has been held every four years, except for 1942 and 1946, due to World War II.

The idea for a world football tournament was first proposed by Sir Thomas Lipton, a Scottish businessman, and owner of the Lipton Tea Company, in 1909. However, it wasn’t until 1928 that FIFA, the international football organization, agreed to hold a tournament. Uruguay was chosen as the host country for the inaugural event in 1930.

Thirteen teams participated in the first World Cup, including four from Europe and nine from South America. Uruguay emerged as the winner, beating Argentina in the final. The tournament was a huge success, and it was decided that it would be held every four years.

The next World Cup was held in Italy in 1934—this time, 16 teams participated, including teams from Asia and Africa, for the first time. Italy emerged as the winners, beating Czechoslovakia in the final. The tournament was marred by controversy, with allegations of bribery and corruption, but it was still considered a success.

The World Cup was put on hold during World War II, but it resumed in 1950, with Brazil hosting the tournament. This time, 13 teams participated; it was the first World Cup broadcast on television. Uruguay emerged as the surprise winners, beating Brazil in the final in front of 200,000 spectators at the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

Since then, the World Cup has become popular, with more teams participating and people tuning in to watch the games. The tournament has also been hosted by countries worldwide, including Mexico, England, Germany, and South Africa. Brazil has won the most World Cup titles, with five, followed by Germany and Italy, with four each.

The World Cup has also had its share of controversies, including allegations of doping, match-fixing, and corruption. However, despite these challenges, the tournament remains one of the world’s most important and prestigious sporting events, bringing together people from all around the globe to celebrate the beautiful game.

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