Why Should You Invest In Premium Properties At Premium Locations?

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In this article, let us first list out the premium locations and then the reasons why should one invest in there.

  • Bandra
  1. Bandra’s languid atmosphere has almost welcomed everyone, with its small bungalows, a vast area of green scapes, and greenery viewing the coastline amidst lush. With the emergence of the Bandra-Mahim Causeway back in the 1800s, this suburb’s connectivity to other parts of Mumbai took on a new charm and opened the doors to exploration. 
  2. Bandra, a melting pot of people and cultures, has seen glory in all its forms. The neighbourhood, which is home to many celebrities and artists, has only grown in recent years. It offers everything anyone needs in a place to settle, including huge shopping markets, the best schools and colleges, and renowned hospitals. 
  3. Bandra is among the most expensive neighbourhoods in Mumbai, with luxurious streets such as Carter Road, Pali Hill, and others commanding exorbitant prices. Owning a 2bhk in bandra west comes at a higher cost.
  4. With the additional amenities available, it is among Mumbai’s well-connected suburbs. Bandra, located just off the Western Express Highway, seems to be nearer to the commercial hub Bandra Kurla Complex and also besides the Sea Link, Which connects Mumbai to the south. 
  5. When you walk through the lanes of Pali Hill, you immediately get a sense of luxury and class, with top-quality buildings involving the roads and delightful bungalows lining the streets. Bandra’s most opulent neighbourhood tells the tale of legacy and luxury.
  6. Bandra is the Queen of the Mumbai suburbs due to its irresistible charm rooted in its British heritage. The 3bhk in bandra west offers truly a space reserved for the connoisseurs of elite experiences, with fully customizable homes, columnless floorplate, and breathtaking sea views.
  • Kalwa
  1. Kalwa was once recognized for its commercial space and has evolved into a desirable Thane residential destination. From great civic and social facilities to seamless connectivity, Kalwa has everything in place to give it an advantage over its neighbours. 
  2. Kalwa, located northeast of Mumbai, is part of the Thane district, which has seen significant industrial growth in recent years. The direct access to Navi Mumbai has aided Kalwa’s transition from commercial to housing development. Big infrastructure modifications, along with access to great dining, shopping malls, and healthcare amenities, have made it a desirable location to settle and invest in, especially with various options for suitable housing.  
  3. Offers a wide range of residential options such as bungalows, apartments, studio apartments, and so on. 2BHK in Kalwa continues to remain famous. More than half of the properties are 1 BHK apartments priced between Rs. 45 lakhs and Rs. 90 lakhs. Kalwa offers a variety of possibilities for venture capitalists to inhabitants to choose from some of the most reputable builders. As a result, housing in Kalwa is a viable solution for any kind of investor.


As the modern lifestyle and the pace change, so do our choices and approaches to daily life. Many people are puzzled about whether to purchase a property in Bandra or Kalwa. One should make a decision keeping all the factors in mind.

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