Why you should Buy Hallux GPS to track your Falcon?

In the wild, the falcon is an independent hunter that carries itself with dignity and grace. It can never be controlled completely. This is why we created the first global locating system with an infinite range. With our innovative dual satellite locating technology, you’ll always know exactly where your falcons are, no matter where in the globe you happen to be. Falconers may stop stressing over how far away their birds are now. The falcon’s precise GPS location is transmitted to the falconer’s portable device through the transmitter strapped to the bird’s back for up to four days. Once the falconer has the falcon’s location, he may use the built-in navigation software to go to the falcon, whether he’s on highways or hiking through the woods, the mountains, or the desert.

Theoretically, your falcon can now put hundreds of kilometers, if not thousands, between you and the threat. Even if it were on the other side of the world (which, of course, it isn’t), Hallux GPS could still send the data to your mobile device and show you exactly where it is.

You may relax knowing that the data connection will continue to function even if the falcon flies off.

Where other telemetry devices fail, falcon tracking device will not let you down. This includes mountain ranges, the deepest desert, and the middle of the ocean. Hallux GPS’s reception and data connection are comprehensive.

Your falcon will be located by Hallux GPS that much is certain.

If you’d like, we can also send real-time updates on your falcon’s whereabouts to up to four specified email addresses. It implies that when the falcon sends its location, you’ll have the news in your inbox or on your mobile device in around 2 minutes.

Using Google Earth, you could follow your falcon anywhere in the globe without leaving your house.

Tracking birds with GPS technology

When GPS tracking is an absolute must, this gadget may be set up in a wide variety of ways. As a service to the avian, reptilian, and raptorial communities. This gadget is equipped with an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and a global positioning system. Plus, it has a far-range radio transceiver to relay GPS coordinates to you. A tiny, fully-automatic gadget called a base station collects the data.

Any falcon tracking device that is connected to the base station will have its communications with the base station set up automatically. As long as the GPS and the base station are within range of each other and the GPS has fresh GPS data to send, they will be able to exchange information. You may send and receive data from up to 40 kilometers away. Out in the field, your effective range may increase or decrease based on a number of factors.

Let’s know more about it

The main thing to consider about the GPS system is the total weight of the tracking device and the battery life. The Hallux falcon tracking device has a battery life of total of 4 days which means you can get track the path of your falcon up to 4 days and the weight of the device is just 8.2 grams. That will not interrupt your falcon in its flight.

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