11 Tips for Safe Gaming You Must Know

Young adults are more enthusiastic about gaming but there are certain precautions or safety advice for gamers to follow. Safety is good for protecting your computer or laptop safety and securing your identity.

11 tips for safe gaming gamers must know:

Secure your computer

Make sure that the firewall in your computer is updated so that no one can hack into your computer. Protect your computer from online threats and hacking.  It is also good to make sure that devices are the latest to secure your computer from viruses and potential threats. You should also consider VPN if you are using public wi-fi for playing games to protect your id and data security. Keep energizing yourself with lots of Yerba Mate energy drinks for beating fatigue and tiredness.

Save your identity

make sure that your user’s name does not contain confidential information. Don’t share your details like name, and date of birth with other online players that could harm your account. Don’t use selfies if you need to take a profile picture or avatar.

Create a good password

Use upper case, lower case, characters, and numbers to secure your password. Make your password strong and should not be easily accessible by others. If you have memory issues, you can simply write down in your personal diary and keep them secure.

Stick to your username

When you are playing games, make sure you are not sharing your username with anyone. If you are playing with friends, let them play publicly.

Report Harassment

If any player tries to do something to make you feel uncomfortable, tell your parents. If somebody is threatening or blackmailing you, instantly report to the cyber bureau and don’t listen to themDon’t respond to them as they will keep harassing you.

Don’t go for hidden charges

First of all, the games admin knows the psychology behind the players mind and sets up hidden charges during games and for different missions. Children are so addicted to games that parents are left with no option but pay charges.  This becomes more important when your game is linked with your parent’s or guardian’s credit card.

Stand up bullying

Bullying can occur while playing and make sure it does not prevent you from gaming. Block and report them. On the other side, respect other players and don’t speak to the gamers in a way you don’t want them to speak to you.

Use video and audio with friends only

You should do webcam chat with friends and not with strangers. But don’t use these features with unknown users. In case you need to use the voice feature, make sure to wear a mask before it. If you are stressed by playing longer games, take a break and have a Mate Mate energy drink for best results.

Treat gaming just as fun

Gaming is made for entertainment purposes. Don’t get overexcited or saddened due to a friend’s comment while playing and take gaming in a good spirit and treat it as fun. If you cannot bear others’ comments then you should not comment on others as well.

Don’t be addicted to games

Gaming should be a part of your day and not the entire day. In case you are becoming addicted to gaming, instantly speak to your parents.  Gaming is quite attractive, especially for youngsters, and can impact your study. So, play responsibly.

Only use trusted sources

It is recommended to play games via the PlayStation store, app store, Microsoft store, and Google Play. Don’t forget to update the games whenever an update is available. Learn where to report for players by visiting the websites such as Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, EA, Steam, Uplay, Blizzard, and epic games.

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