Step By Step Guide About Squid Stardew Valley Fishing in 2021

Squid Stardew Valley

Please find below the updated fishing guide for Stardew Valley for 2021, including an overview of all Stardew Valley fish prices. Stardew Valley features a mini-game called fishing, in which you must keep an icon of a fish in a green box for a set period. Fishing allows you to obtain squid, a type of fish. The fish, however, hurry, making it much more difficult to track where they are.

Depending on the fishing location, season, weather, and time, you will be rewarded with a particular fish if you complete the challenge of keeping the fish in the box. It is the tenacity of the fish that determines its quality. Compared to your average sardine, a higher rate (pricey) fish is much harder to catch.

In some areas, and at certain times of the day, it is possible to catch certain fish only. The following article discusses specific information regarding squid.

How to catch squid and how to cook?

You can catch squid in the ocean during winter, usually all day of winter. There is only one recipe for cooking Squid: It’s called ‘Fried Calamari.’ You can find recipes in your pantry inside your farmhouse during the evening time. Fried Calamari sells for 54 dollars and increases happiness by 4 points.

The average income per hour (without bundles)

The average profit of catching one piece of squid is 7 dollars (selling price). That means you get an average gain of 7 dollars x 12 pieces = 84 dollars per. If you’re lucky, you can catch more than 12 pieces of squid, increasing your average income per hour.

The average income per hour (with bundles)

If you sell all squid at the Traveling Cart for 54 dollars each daily, it will give you an average of 108 dollars per day. You can make up to around 52k dollars during winter. After that, the amount of money dropped because summer came, and there were no squids in the ocean anymore.

How to get squid?

The best way to get squid is by fishing every evening outside at the ocean during wintertime. During other seasons or weather conditions, or locations, it’s sporadic that you find any squid while fishing. If you have not unlocked winter yet (by completing four bundles) and cannot fish outside because it’s raining, you can catch squid in your trash cans.

Throw away everything, and check back for any new sources of food every day. If you want to make sure that you get a fresh start every day, but only 1 item in the trashcan (there are 3: rice, cucumber, and pearl oyster). This way, on winter or non-winter days, you will get a random resource from the Fish category once per day after checking your Trash Can.

How many squids can we hold?

You can hold up to 30 pieces of squid at maximum. By default, when holding items such as this in your hand slot or storage chest slots, you will see a picture of the article, but it’s greyed out. This means that you are carrying this number of items in these slots at maximum.

Where to sell squid?

You can sell your squid at the Traveling Cart for 54 dollars each during wintertime. It’s the only option to sell squid other than giving them to villagers as gifts or cooking them yourself because there is no way to place animals in coop/barns/stables on your farm yet (as of May 2016).

Or if you want to get an even better price for your Squid fish, catch more than 30 pieces and go back home after selling all of them at the cart so that when leaving again, they’re restocked at the same spot where you caught them for 54 dollars each.

How to get the most out of squid?

The best way to sell squid at a much higher price is by cooking and selling ALL 30 pieces for 54 dollars instead of only selling 10 or 15 bits. The maximum amount that can be bought at once by villagers is 30 pieces, so doing this will make sure they’ll buy it all from you and not ask you to sell again until they’ve eaten it all.

If done correctly, this can make your farm approximately 52k+ during winter (in-game time). That’s more than enough money to purchase all summer bundles already (which cost 52k exactly). After winter, there are no more Squids to catch in the ocean, so you’ll have to wait until next winter. The total amount of money for this is between 1 million and 1.5 million G.

How to get a Gold quality Squid?

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If you want a Golden quality item/material/fish/etc., you need to place your bait on a hook or lobster pot corresponding to its color. In this case, Red Bait would work best because it’s currently the only red bait available in-game (and it doesn’t sell for much either at 250g).

You just have to put the correct bait on the fishing rod or lobster pot corresponding with that fish’s desired color and hold down your left mouse button after casting it into the water for one second.

What is the best way to save money by not getting lost in the mines?

The best way to avoid getting lost in the mines (by finding specific mineral nodes or remote ore parts that are hidden, etc.) is by using the Sunny/Clear Weather cheat, which you can activate by pressing F1 + F2 + F3 simultaneously. If done correctly, it should make all objects like trees and rocks visible, allowing you to see everything, including ore nodes or hidden items underground, without getting lost.

This will prevent wasting your time by having to go back up just because you’re lost underground after breaking 3-4 screens worth of stones for nothing.

Process after selling all of the items?

After selling all of your items, leave your house and go out into the wild where it’s wintertime again (with Sunny/Clear Weather cheat activated). Once outside, head back towards the beach where you first started, next to the Outdoor Cafe. Check behind any dumpster or trash pile around town until you find another Squid fish waiting for you.

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