22 Best Treks Around Mumbai

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Ghangad and Tailbaila fort hike :-

The Ghangad fort can be found 30 km from Lonavla and Khandala. It is located 100 km from Pune. It is located in Lonavala and is 300 years old. Lonavala is home to the Tailbaila fort. It is made up of two huge walls that span 200-250 feet. Tailbaila is well-known for its rock climbing and rappelling. It is situated 94kms from Pune.

Ratangad Trek:-

It is located in Maharashtra, at Fort Ratan wadi. It is 400 years old and is adorned with beautiful flowering plants. It is also known by the name Jewel of the Sahyadris.

Tungareshwar Trek:-

Vasai is located at 2177 feet. The highway junction is approximately one kilometer from the base. Once you reach the base, you will find a forest checkpost. From the forest checkpost, the actual treks begins. It takes approximately 3km to walk through 2 streams. The famous Tungareshwara Shiva temple is reached. The 8km trek up to the temple is completed through the jungles to Chinchoti waterfall.

Sarasgad Trek:-

Sarsgaard Treks is located near Pali village, Raigad district in Maharashtra. It is located 10 kilometers East of Nagothane. It is located 490 meters above sea level. One can see the fort from the top of the hill, including the forts of Sudhagad, Sankshi, Sagargad, and Tailbaila.

Mahuli Fort:-

It is situated 75 km north of Mumbai. It is approximately 2815 feet high. Mahuli Fort is a popular destination for adventure sports such as rock climbing. You can visit the Shiva temple, and there is a small drinking water cistern at the top. Trekkers can use one of the caves as an overnight stop, while another is used for daily activities.

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Sandhan Valley:-

The Sandhan valley, also known as the valley in the shadows is located near Igatpuri. This place is well-known for its rock climbing, trekking, and bonfire camp under the starry skies. It is approximately 200 feet deep, and 2 kilometers long.

Karnala fort:-

Karnala fort can also be called funnel hill. It is located 10 km from Panvel. Karnala Bird Sanctuary is the main attraction. It is also a protected area. Trekking is a popular activity in the area around the fort.

Garbett Plateau:-

The Garbett plateau can be found in the southwest direction of Matheran. The plateau’s top can be seen from 360 degrees and offers a panoramic view of all the hill stations. It covers 8 km2 of Sahyadris. The plateau has breathtaking views and a cool climate.

Devkund waterfall:-

Near Bhira in Maharashtra’s Raigad district, is the beautiful Devkund waterfall. It takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours to complete the treks, which is 6 km long.

Purandar fort:-

It is a mountain fort located in Pune. It stands at 4472 feet in height. It is located in the western Ghats and is 50kms from Pune. Purandar Fort is where Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj was born.

Tikona fort:-

Vitangad fort is the name of Tikona fort. It is a prominent hill fort located in Maval. It is located near Kamshet which is approximately 60 km from Pune. Tikona Peth is the nearest fort located on the hill. It is a pyramidal-shaped hill that rises 3500 feet high.

Tamhini Ghats:-

Tamhini Ghat, the mountain passage connecting Munshi and Tamhini is Tamhini Ghat. This place is known for its scenic waterfalls, lakes, and dense forests.


It is located close to Lonavala which lies 52 km northeast of Pune. It is located at 1033 meters above sea level. From the top, you can see the Lohagad, Karla, and Bhaja caves. Tikona fort is only 22km from the Aamby valley.

Ulhas Valley:-

The Ulhas Valley is a beautiful place filled with greenery. Named after the Ulhas River, the valley was named. The valley is home to a wide range of fauna and flora. Monsoon is the best time to visit the valley.

Kataldhar Trek:-

Kataldhar can be found near Lonavala, Pune. It is a seasonal waterfall. It stands at 350 feet high with an overhand of 100 feet.

Sausage Hill:-

Sausage hill is a popular spot near Lonavala. This is a popular spot for hill hiking and chook watching. From the hill, you can start trekking to forts, lakes, and other sightseeing points.

Canyon valley:-

Canyon Valley is known for its thick forest and waterfalls. The waterfall’s height is approximately 320 feet. The valley rises with the Ulhas river, which flows from Khandala and Karjat. This spot is well-known among Pune and Mumbai treks.

Amrutanjan point:-

At the beginning of Khandala Ghats, you will find Amrutanjan point. The view of Khopoli town can be seen from the Duke’s nose. Lonavala is near the spot. From this point, you can see the beautiful views of the Pune Mumbai expressway.

Tiger’s point:

Tiger point’s lush green forests, waterfalls, and lakes are the main attractions. From that point, you can enjoy the stunning views of sunrise and sunset. The point is located 80km from Pune and 95km from Mumbai.

Kune falls:-

Kune Falls is India’s fourteenth-highest waterfall. It is 200m high. It is located in Lonavala Khandala Valley.

Morgiri fort:-

The treks is one-day and takes you to Lonavala Range in the Pune district. The fort’s highest point is at 3010 feet. Near the fort is the cave of the Jakhmata goddess, which many people love to visit.

Mrugagad Trek:-

Mrugagad Fort is a hill fort in Sudhagad Taluka, Raigad district. It stands at 1750 feet high. It is located near Bheliv village and is entirely made of stone.

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