5 Reasons You Should Try Glamping This Summer

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The beach, the ocean, and the warm sunshine—are the hallmarks of summer. Now that summer is almost here; everyone is probably thinking about all the exciting places they can visit. Beach getaways, island hopping, epic treks, and glamorous camping are just a few exciting activities in a tropical country. Glitzy camping has led to the rise of luxury resorts in the Philippines. Glossy camping, sometimes known as “glamping,” is a form of camping that involves the use of several extra-special touches that would be out of place on a more conventional camping trip. Are you planning your summer activities? Consider a handful of these arguments favoring a glamorous camping trip this summer.

Take in the Great Outdoors

The chance to reconnect with nature is a significant selling point of glamping vacations. With smartphones and smart homes becoming increasingly integrated into daily life, many vacationers opt to get away from it all and re-establish their connection with nature. Comparing a resort or hotel to being in the wilderness is like comparing apples and oranges. Unlike other vacations, glamping in the great outdoors can make you feel completely unrestricted. Also, unlike traditional camping, you won’t have to worry about monstrous bugs or spiders sharing your sleeping bag while glamping.

Both Worlds are Better Than One

With glamping, you can enjoy the outdoors in comfort while still having access to all the amenities of a regular vacation. You can have modern conveniences like a fridge and power and the traditional campfire for cooking over or toasting marshmallows. Walking, getting wet, and then drying off in a cozy lodge is possible. When you leave the comfort of your bed and gaze upward, the only thing you will see is the starry sky. Having the conveniences of a hotel and the freedom of a camping trip in one package is appealing.

Enjoyable and Cheap for the Whole Family

Families are increasingly opting for glamping near me and staycations instead of traditional vacations. It’s not cheap to take the whole family on a summer vacation abroad, with airfare, lodging, spending money, and activities. This makes taking a summer vacation with the family abroad increasingly out of reach for many individuals. Glamping is a practical substitute for international travel because it requires less time and money to plan and execute.

Celebrations and Activities

The luxury camping experience is now available at several festivals. The thought of camping puts off many potential festival-goers in close quarters with dozens of strangers, many of whom will be intoxicated and boisterous without access to showers or washing facilities for five days. Glamping is the perfect solution for the festival goer who prefers peace and quiet. Have a cup of tea and a morning shower daily, and then see live music with your pals. Consequently, glamping is a fantastic choice if you want to experience a festival in style, elegance, and comfort. With all the positives associated with trying glamping for the first time this summer, why not plan a glamping vacation for your family instead of your typical summer getaway? Gets your outdoor activity going. So many people must be, right, right?


Setting up your tent for the week might be one of the most time-consuming parts of any camping trip, and taking it down at the end can be just as much of a drag as setting it up. The luxury camping experience requires no preparation and no cleanup. If you arrive at your destination at night, you won’t have to scramble to put up a tent in the dark, and you won’t have to cram a bulky tent into a tiny suitcase when you leave. With glamping, there’s no rush to go anywhere and plenty of time to do whatever you choose once you get there.


Glamping, or glamorous camping, is a subgenre that makes use of luxurious amenities that seem out of place on a traditional camping vacation. More and more people are choosing to go glamping on vacation rather than staying in a conventional hotel because of the increased convenience of intelligent devices and residences. Several festivals now provide upgraded camping options for VIPs. There is no setup or clean-up involved in glamping. You can avoid the hassle of pitching a tent in the dark if you get there late. We can take our time and travel wherever we like.

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