What Are the Best Suitable Drinks to Prevent Dehydration?

Alarge portion of our body consists of water content and is the main reason our body needs more water than we realize. When the fluids or water content in your body reduces, you feel dehydrated and unable to perform simple functions. Dehydration is often the result of not drinking enough water. Suffering from vomiting, diarrhea, or even sweating can also make you dehydrated. When you become dehydrated, your body will give you a signal by making you feel thirsty. It is a prominent signal that your body is already dehydrated and lacking fluids when you become thirsty.

We all are supposed to drink plenty of water to keep ourselves hydrated but sometimes, drinking plain water is the last thing we want. Fortunately, there are various ready-made colorful drinks in the commercial fridge with glass door that can keep our bodies hydrated. According to a study by Scotland’s university, water is not the most hydrating liquid. They found that no doubt plain and sparkling water does a pretty good job of keeping us hydrated, but a bit of sugar and artificial flavors will lead you to far better results. The reason is that you tend to consume more flavored drinks than plain water. Drinking more liquid will empties your stomach faster and hydrate you.

Consuming your favorite flavored water will also help you get the appropriate nutrients and boost your health. The addition of these various healthy veggies and fruit drinks can contribute to a rich and healthy diet plan. Below are some of the drinks you can include in your regular diet. These drinks are the most suitable option for keeping your body hydrated.

Fresh fruit juices: 

Fresh fruit juices are a healthy option to include in your diet plan. Most fruits contain almost 85% water and are a beneficial liquid to keep our bodies hydrated. All you need is to make sure the fruit juices are not artificial that are available in food marts and grocery store’s refrigerator such as Interlevin Lgf5000. Artificial fruit juices will contain many unhealthy ingredients. Artificial juices will include a high quantity of sugar. It is better to make fruit juices at home and avoid artificial sweeteners. You can combine the fruits you like, throw their chunks in the blender, and your liquid is ready.

Infused water:

Water combined with electrolytes is best to help your body fight dehydration. Infused water contains a combination of different herbs, veggies, and fruits in plain water. You can add diced or mashed items to your water. Let the veggies, fruits, and herbs sit in the water for at least four hours and drink. You can also refill your water with the added ingredients after drinking. Infused water has many benefits besides keeping you hydrated. Drinking infused water will help to control your appetite, prevent heartburn and regulate your blood circulation.

Herbal teas: 

Herbal teas are usually loaded with many antioxidants and are a better drink to help in hydration. These teas do not contain caffeine and are a healthy option than coffee. Herbal teas will also help you relax and make your immune system better.

Coconut water:

Coconut water is a great liquid to drink when you are feeling dehydrated. It is the ideal beverage to restore hydration in your body. Besides being a hydrating drink, it is also low in calories, fat-free, and rich in potassium. People who are trying to shed pounds can drink coconut water without worry. It will include magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and sodium making coconut water a healthy drink. This natural drink is a perfect alternative to the packed flavored sports drinks. Know that coconut water can treat disturbing stomachs. You can take coconut water if you are feeling nausea.

Cucumber juice:

Cucumber is 90% of water and an ideal vegetable to make hydrating drinks. Know that vegetable juices are always a better option for your diet. Cucumber juice is highly hydrating juice and rich in various vitamins. Cucumber juice will also aid in digestive problems and help you cleanse your body. You can also add extra veggies or toppings to enhance the flavor of cucumber juice.

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