Role of Eric Jimmy Anklesaria as Role of Eric Jimmy Anklesaria as Financial Advisor

A financial advisor has the knowledge and skills to assist you in getting the most out of your startup capital investment. Having more than 20-plus years of diverse industry expertise and being the most sought-after financial advisor in the nation, Eric Anklesaria has always found the best solutions to scale up numerous businesses. He is currently associated with Nangia Andersen as their IT Advisory leader which is a member firm of Andersen Global.

As a successful financial advisor, Eric Jimmy Anklesaria focuses on the actions to get better results and make organizations more profitable, effective and productive. He is a brilliant financial analyst in dealing with complex issues like mismanaging money, cash flow problems, delayed or overpaid vendor accounts etc. to develop and grow a business line. He can deliver precise estimates promptly to assist business owners in establishing and setting financial objectives. Any firm depends on money to survive. Eric provides you with the most authoritative style to think about different business processes and utilize money appropriately to maximize your business success.

We’ve explored various sources and different Eric Anklesaria News to get to the conclusion that the leading finance professional has set numerous benchmarks in the financial advisory field and has achieved impeccable KPIs throughout his professional career. We’ve summarized the entire conclusion and here, we’ll explore to you how Eric is among the top financial advisors the nation has ever produced.

Eric Jimmy Anklesaria as a Trendsetter in the Finance Sector

How Eric has helped in Scaling Up Businesses?

The driven financial executive has effectively carried out his business planning initiatives while serving as Vice President in Capgemini’s Global Leader Banking Capital Markets Transformation section. Here are some of the main KPIs he met there:

  • 1000% company expansion
  • Oversaw the practice’s earnings to reach Euro 30 million.
  • Groomed the best talent for a team size of more than 200 professionals
  • Generated downstream business to the tune of over Euro 100 million
  • Built India business of over 200 crores

Apart from that, Eric Anklesaria had also won most of the public sector engagements in India for core banking and IT transformation for KPMG while being a Partner in its management consulting.

Why Eric Anklesaria is renowned for changing the payment process in India?

The management of RuPay, an internal Indian payment system, during its setup and operationalization was spearheaded by Eric Jimmy Anklesaria. He led the team to operationalize and roll out the scheme across the country’s financial services sector, intermediaries, payment service providers, regulators, etc. The payment plan is regarded as one of the most efficient financial strategies and offers numerous advantages, including international acceptance, access to domestic and international lounges, free personal accidental death and total permanent disability insurance coverage, a variety of merchant offers, various cashback programs, health and wellness benefits, etc.

Implementation of CRM Strategy

Unfolding another golden chapter of Eric’s brilliant financial advisory, we would like to introduce our readers that he is the guy who led the end-to-end project for the CRM deployment in India. This is one of the biggest implementations ever made to promote cross-selling and cross-servicing between the largest public sector bank in India and the firms that make up its group.

The implementation enables firms to establish a connection with their clients, which fosters loyalty and client retention. This strategy results in increased profits and revenue for a business. According to Eric Anklesaria News, businesses may now put consumers first thanks to the development of CRM strategy.

Eric’s involvement with reputed advisory bodies in India

Eric Anklesaria, a well-rounded and open-minded financial advisor, has extensive management consulting experience, which has led to his nomination and active membership in the Department of Financial Services. The Ministry of Finance oversees this well-known division. The dedicated financial specialist also had the honor of directing the report’s presentation to the RBI and the Ministry of Finance. In a variety of financial institutions throughout the Banking, Payments, Asset Management, and Insurance Industry sectors, Eric has delivered business- and technology-centered initiatives.

Developed a product for the welfare of millions of women beneficiaries

Eric was in charge of conceptualizing the strategy and design for the Ministry of Women and Child Development’s largest Direct Benefit Transfer platform while serving on the Advisory Board at BillionLives. The product has already been launched and the platform is currently providing direct benefits to more than 2.4 crore women in the country.

As a successful financial advisor, Eric Jimmy Anklesaria led numerous business owners to cost savings and showed them the path to profitability. Hiring an expert like Eric can help businesses in saving time and money. Working with top professionals like him ensures expert assistance with the business’s finances. Businesses can save themselves from the discomfort of going through painful and unnecessary rites of passage by avoiding costly blunders. Financial experts like Eric can help you prioritize your company’s goals and desires and offer insight.

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