A Proper Guide to Obtaining an F1 Visa to Study in the USA

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The best part of choosing the USA as a study destination is that you become eligible to work in any part of this world. There is no denying the fact that the United States is the world’s greatest study destination. Every year, a very massive crowd of youngsters apply to some very popular universities in the USA with the intention to give wings to their dreams. Students travel to the USA not only for the purpose to pursue higher education. In fact, there are other important factors that inspire international students to select the USA as a study destination. 

If you wish to study in the USA, then you must obtain an F1 visa which is a non-immigrant visa for those desiring to study in the USA. Well, obtaining an F1 visa is not a complicated task when you have a team of professionals to support you. We admit that the USA visa granting authorities are taking measures to make the visa application process quite rigid. But applying for your study visa for the United States under the supervision of experienced study visa consultants will surely improve your chances of getting your visa approved.  

Take a Look at the Proper Guide to Obtaining an F1 Visa to Study in the USA

Before going ahead, let us inform you that you require some crucial things to apply for the USA study visa. Get a valid passport and recently clicked passport-size photographs. Besides this, you need a confirmation page of DS-160 and Form I -20. Additionally, finance and application as non-immigrant. 

  • Apply to a USA School

Naturally, to study in the US, you are expected to apply for admission. But you can’t apply to the US school after traveling to the USA. In fact, apply to the US school from your home country. Because it is not sure that the US university will accept your admission application. If you intend to pursue undergraduate and graduate programs, then apply in December or January of each year. You must stay updated with the release date of admissions notices which are usually released in March and April. 

  • Get Your School Forms

After you get accepted to your dream university, you will receive Form I-20 as you are applying for obtaining an F1 visa. Form I-20 is given to the applicants who are interested in obtaining an F-1 and M-1 visa. On the other hand, you will acquire Form DS-2019 which is usually a certificate for Exchange Visitors if you would have applied for a J-1 visa. Fill it out while applying for the visa. 

  • Pay the SEVIS I-901 Fee

The next step that you have to take if you have received any of the above-mentioned forms is to do online for paying the SEVIS I-901 fee. There is a dissimilarity between the fees for the F-1/M-1 visa and the J-1 visa.  You must check about this from a valid source and also know the actual fees. 

  • Locate an Embassy

Now the time has come to apply for a visa that can turn your dream into reality if you successfully go through the process. Look for a US embassy or consulate in your locality to apply for the visa. You can find the locations of these embassies online. Then, you will require to fill out the Form that you have received. 

  • Pay the Application Fee

You need to pay 160 USD as an application fee to the embassy after you have made an appointment for your interview.  If possible, then get the receipt politely and keep it safe for future requirements.

  • Interview

After filling out the form, contact or visit the US embassy to get an appointment for your visa interview. Remember that the interview is going to be very imperative for you as this holds the final decision if you will travel to the USA or not. Avoid going to attend the interview with random preparations. Ask experienced people to know the basic questions that you have to answer during the interview. Lastly, pay the issuance fee. Well, that completely depends on your nationality. 

  • Get Your Visa

If your international student visa gets approval then you will get your passport with your visa back. They can ask you to receive it at the embassy or may ship it back to you. Also, keep all the documents in the safest locations as you will need them in the future. 

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Obtaining an F1 visa to the USA is quite a straightforward process.  The guidance of the experts will help you go through all the steps successfully. Lastly, keep all the necessary instructions given by the consultants in your mind while attending the visa interview. 

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