Area of specialization for an orthopedic surgeon in Lahore

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The human musculoskeletal is a complex system that may victim to various disorders and health concerns which need to be handled by an orthopedic surgeon. Patients can consult an orthopedist who specializes in the area of concern to get the best treatment. Areas of specialization for an orthopedic surgeon in Lahore are:

General orthopedics

General orthopedics could treat various orthopedics concerns, whether it is a bone breakage, a sprain, strain or unbearable joint pain. General orthopedic surgeon in Lahore is proficient in conceiving revision surgeries for the betterment of patients. They also work in coordination with a physical therapist for the patient’s rehabilitation and good recovery before, during and after surgery.


This orthopedic field engulfs treatment regarding feet and ankle issues. The specialist can carry out replacement surgeries and treat fractures or bone deformities. He also helps cure tendonitis and cure diseases like arthritis. As the foot comprises many small bones, podiatry specialists should have deep knowledge of foot structure, soft tissues, nerves and blood vessels associated with it.

Pediatric orthopedics

Such specialists treat musculoskeletal issues in children and they have to be very careful in treating them because bones are in developing condition. So, a pediatric orthopedist should have good practice in the field, should know various concerns that may arise, and be able to lay out a unique yet effective treatment plan. Fractures are the major issue among growing children as they are energetic and involved in lots of physical activities.

Hand surgery

Hands are essential to hold, grip, and lift objects, a little issue in using hands or limited joint movement could disturb the quality of life. Therefore, an orthopedic surgeon specializing in hand surgery could be of great help as he can treat sprains, cysts, arthritis, fractures, and other possible hand issues that may arise. Such surgeons work to regain lost motion and maintain smooth movement of your hand.

Spinal surgery

Spinal surgery is a critical operation needing high precision and great coordination of hand and mind because the spinal cord a major connection between body and brain passes through the spine. Surgeons specializing in the spinal area could treat back and neck concerns, including arthritis, bone degeneration, deformity, scoliosis, and tumors. Moreover, they teamed with a physical therapist for rehabilitation and quick recovery of patients during and after treatment.

Trauma surgery

It’s the field of orthopedics deals with emergencies which are mostly bone fractures or muscle ruptures.  They give first aid treatment to patients and cope with follow-up appointments like issue adhered to plaster casts and removing casts when a bone is healed successfully. The trauma orthopedic surgeon in Lahore is at your service 24/7 to meet the emergencies.

Orthopedic oncology

Cancerous and non-cancerous bone tumors may develop in some patients whether a child or adults. These specialists perform surgeries to remove bone tumors and provide effective treatment plans after radiation therapy and surgery to help patients recover fast.

Hip and knee surgery

Hip and knee replacement surgeon help cure concerns stick to hip and knee joints. They focus on joint dislocation, harm due to arthritis, and fractures. As hip and knee are weight-bearing joints the surgeons educate their patients on how to keep joints healthy and keep intact smooth mobility. They aim to manage pain and improve joint range of motion. Hip and knee surgeons can also perform replacement surgeries for the patient’s betterment.

Shoulder and elbow surgery

Concerns connected to the shoulder and elbow are treated by the orthopedic surgeon in this field. Most often athletes complain about elbow and shoulder issues as they may get this joint damage while sports. Ailments such as arthritis, tendonitis, rotator cuff tears, ligament tears, and clavicle fractures are treated by such surgeons. Surgeons for sports injuries also specialize in treating shoulder or elbow issues and help manage pain. They also guide ways to make muscles and bones strong for keeping such damages at bay.

Sports medicine

Sports medicine specialists help professional athletes and sportsmen recover from musculoskeletal trauma or an injury. They are part of a team working for the betterment of sportsmen, and also travel along with them so in emergencies they could provide an instant cure to relieve pain and handle unfit players. Conditions such as fractures, tendon tears, joint dislocations, sprain, or strains are treated by these specialists. Surgeons for sports injuries also educate sportsmen on how to play safely without hurting their joints and give an effective plan to work on musculoskeletal health.

Bone health

Bone health specialist works on weak bones that are low in density and could break easily. Their main target is to deal with osteoporosis a disease that causes degeneration of bones making them weak and more vulnerable to breakage. They guide and teach patients useful ways to make bone strong and avoid injuries.

Joint replacement

Joint replacement surgeons specialize in replacing the deceased joint with prosthetic ones that replicate the motion of a natural joint. It is a popular and effective method to tackle chronic joint pain that couldn’t be cured by medicines or other non-surgical means. This medical solution to joint pain helps improve mobility and hence a patient’s quality of life. Although any joint within the human body can be replaced, however, the common replacement is made of hip, knees, and shoulder joints.


In some cases, amputation becomes necessary to cease the progression of the disease. Metal implants are inserted to compensate for the loss and let the patient enjoy lost mobility. An orthopedic surgeon who specializes in the field can carry out necessary treatments for amputation and attach the prosthetic part.


Orthopedics is a vast field with subspecialty areas in which orthopedist could learn to excel in providing effective treatment for specific issues. An orthopedic surgeon in Lahore can further specialize in the area of interest to work for the betterment of patients.

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