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While we quickly and conveniently maintain your vehicle, you may relax in the comfort of your car with Take 5. Enjoy a complimentary soft drink or a glass of water while our knowledgeable and experienced professionals complete the services you need. Our locations offer the services we provide. Examples of the top-notch services we offer include our multi-point full-service oil change, air filter replacement, automatic transmission flush, coolant exchange, and wiper blade replacement. Every single one of our services meets or exceeds warranty requirements. In addition to a sticker for your windshield to serve as a reminder, you can select to get an email or postal mail notice for your impending oil change.

You could also get the Take 5 Reminder App on your phone. Adaptations to the Brand In 1996, we developed the first “5 Minute Drive-Thru Oil Change” idea. This showed a shift in our business model to put more emphasis on boosting customer happiness and the speed of our service. The 5-Minute model later replaced our Rapid Oil locations. With the change to Take 5, “Home of the 5 Minute Oil Change,” an advertising agency’s goal of emphasizing changing your oil rather than your schedule was achieved.

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About Take 5 Oil Change Careers

View the most recent job postings and reviews from Take 5 Oil Change employees on Comparably. By contrasting data on company culture collected from 222 employees with job listings, you may evaluate your potential Take 5 Oil Change employment possibilities. Employees at Take 5 Oil Change give the culture of their company an overall grade of “D-,” and they are less satisfied with their overall compensation, which includes salaries, stock and equity, and benefits.

The 176 employees gave Take 5 Oil Change CEO Marc Graham a “D” grade. Take 5 Oil Change has between 1,000 and 5,000 full-time employees in the US. Based on employee feedback, Take 5 Oil Change received a culture score of 53 out of 100. Professional development, the pace of work, and the atmosphere are the factors of company culture where Take 5 Oil Change outperforms other companies of this size (top 5th percentile, top 50th percentile, respectively) (bottom 15th percentile).

Take 5 Oil Change Hours And Salary

In the United States, Take 5 Oil Change employees to make an average pay of $66,503. According to the firm address, the headquarters of Taking 5 Oil Change is located in SCHERTZ, Texas. Average earnings might vary significantly depending on the area and the local economy. Explore additional Take 5 Oil Change locations and view more wage data by clicking the “more locations” button.

Take 5 Oil Change Careers Review

294 customers gave Take 5 Oil Change positive ratings, which amounted to 54 per cent. The remaining 46% of the comments were helpful criticism meant to help Take 5 Oil Change improve the atmosphere at work. The Operations team at the company claims to have had the best experience at Take 5 Oil Change, obtaining 73% positive comments, compared to all other divisions. With 46% of their ratings constructive, the sales staff offered the most useful criticism.

Here are some comments made on Take 5 Oil Change. Reviewing a firm’s operations can provide you with a good understanding of the working environment, culture, rewards, pay, and training possibilities at a company like Take 5 Oil Change. They might also divulge details or offer advice regarding the qualifications needed for interviews and other elements that could be helpful when applying for a job at that company. Reviews may also draw attention to any unfavourable characteristics of a business that may aid in assessing it as a potential job.

Reviews from Customers of Take 5 Oil Change

You can advance swiftly if you do your part and strive to be the best you can be. The secret to success in the workplace is learning. Enjoy yourself while working and be yourself

There are things they might do better, to be sure. For instance, they should increase the commission rate to encourage staff to close more sales. There should be a general change.

Do not pay enough for the tasks you must complete because you will be paid illegally at the other five oil change locations, where the manager will profit from your labour.

An excellent workplace I simply believe that the non-corporate employees in this organization are extremely undervalued. I like my job here. I appreciate your attention. Michael Toombs

I was the youngest employee at Take 5, with everyone else being much older. The majority of the folks I worked with were much older than I was and angry that I held the same position. Only Jason, the assistant store manager, taught me anything. The actual manager was inexperienced and unfit to handle a store. Being young and working the same job for the same wage as a 35-year-old man with children earns you a lot of scorn.

A great company to work for. excellent prospects for progression. The advantages are great. Its business is expanding. I believe the future will bring a lot of wonderful things.

Tips to Save Money

Saving money is essential when making any kind of purchase. On websites like mysavinghub that provide discounts on full-service oil changes and other ways to save, keep an eye out for coupons. Also noted is the Oil Changers Service Card, which provides the greatest savings overall. For more information on any of our full-service oil change discounts and to directly experience our renowned service, stop by one of our conveniently located locations.

Enter your promo code in the box on the webpage and hit “search” to get started. A list of neighbouring locations that are taking part with matching promotional codes will be provided. To receive the discount, use the code at the checkout and keep it in mind when it expires. When you apply the coupon code, the majority of businesses will reduce the cost of oil changes by $5. There are a few exceptions, so carefully read the details before leaving.

If you’re like most drivers, you probably put off changing your car’s oil until it’s too late. You can choose to go to the closest service station rather than even looking to see if there are any better deals. may be helpful in this regard. On the website, users can print special offers for oil changes at partner locations across the nation.

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