Goodbye Greasy Skin – Camel Milk Infused Moisturiser For Oily Skin

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Camel milk has been used for decades by people from all walks of life.  Everyone who tries camel milk-based edibles or skincare products like moisturiser for oily skin falls in love with its special qualities. It contains many helpful nutrients like antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. In Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, people drink camel milk for its nutritional and cosmetic benefits. Camel milk, in contrast to cow milk, is an ideal choice for diabetics and persons with lactose intolerance because of its low cholesterol, sugar, and lactose content. This is why camel milk is so popular in the cosmetics market. Lotions, shampoos, face treatments, and cosmetics all benefit from their incorporation.


The benefits of camel milk are enhanced by its numerous constituent parts working together to create a synergistic whole. Included in that list are:

  • Camel milk has exceptionally smooth fats because it is homogenised to a precise degree.
  • Camel milk contains alpha-hydroxy acids, the most notable of which is lactic acid.
  • Vitamins A and C can be found in camel’s milk.
  • There are plenty of healthy Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9 fatty acids in the milk.
  • There are protective proteins in camel milk that are analogous to those in human breast milk. This is because of the antibacterial properties found in nature.
  • Camels’ single-domain antibodies are unlike any others.

What are the beauty benefits of camel milk?

While most of the literature on camel milk focuses on its nutritional worth, more and more studies are beginning to include its cosmetic benefits. Its amazing composition is widely established, showing that it is high in anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory immunity proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Camel milk-infused moisturiser for oily skin also aids in the skin’s natural immunity by providing natural nourishment. Camel’s milk has many advantages, such as:

  • AHAs, the alpha-hydroxy acids that soften the skin, which come from a natural source.
  • Appropriate for those with sensitive skin or conditions like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, or acne.
  • Camel’s milk is utilised in emollient creams because it is rich in proteins.
  • High in the skin- and body-repairing vitamin C content.
  • Incorporating elastin, vitamin C, and lanolin into your routine might help you look younger for longer.
  • Camel’s milk helps your skin and body since it has natural anti-oxidants.
  • Skin that is protected and well-maintained by antibacterial agents.
  • Camel’s milk contains a wide variety of nutrients, including vitamins A, B1, B2, B12, C, and D, as well as carotene.

Did you ever think camel milk could be a miracle for your skin too? We, it is true and also scientifically proven. However, you also have to pay attention to other infused ingredients when buying camel milk-based beauty products. There must be no harsh chemicals, and it would be a cherry on top if you manage to find unscented products because they are suitable for everyone despite any skin sensitivity. 

Hair and Nail Care

Keratin is a protein found in hair and nails. Hair and nail products and food both include protein, and we need to keep our stores full. Nails and hair become dry, brittle, and break easily when adequate moisture is lacking. Camel milk’s high water level and omega-3 content give nutrients and proteins that help keep nails and hair looking healthy and luxurious.

Camel milk has been touted for its health benefits for generations. Cleopatra, queen of Egypt, was said to have used camel milk baths and the best moisturiser for oily skin for its purported health and beauty benefits. Reasonably so, there are several advantages to both ingesting and using camel milk topically. It’s great for your health and appearance because it contains crucial immunological characteristics as well as vitamins, acids, proteins, and antioxidants. Camel milk’s high alpha-hydroxy acid content means it’s great for warding off wrinkles and maintaining soft, wrinkle-free skin.

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