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Who Is Chief Keef? Chief Keef Net Worth, Early Life, Family, Career and More

Chief Keef

Chief Keef, better known as Keith Kozart, is a record producer and mixtape artist from the United States. When he was still a teenager, Keef enjoyed popularity among high school students. A gregarious person, he was always in trouble with the law and other kids. Yet even as a teenager, he was already being sought out by record labels because of his musical talent.  At first, Keef signed a contract with Interscope, but he made the switch to 1017 Brick Squad a few months later.

The company name was later changed to Glo Gang when Keef started his record label. A week after releasing his first full-length album, Keef scored chart-busting singles like ‘Lov’ Sosa.’ He also continued to mess with the law despite becoming successful.  By releasing mixtapes on his label, Keef continued to make money. As a musician, his legal troubles have continuously damaged his career, and he feels that it is causing him a great deal of harm. However, Keef released another album called ‘Nobody’ in’2014 instead of ‘Ban’ 3′ as his second.

Early Years of Life

Keith Cozart, the father of Chief Keef, was born on 15th August 1995 in an unstable family in Chicago. It is not known how his father came to be, nor when his mother became pregnant with him. Upon his grandmother’s, he was named after his deceased uncle and became his legal guardian. He spent his childhood days in the city neighborhood, where there was a lot of black community.

In his own words, rap music has greatly influenced him all his life – he started rapping at the age of 5 and had a fan base consisting of primarily high schoolers in his school neighborhood by the time he went to college. As well as using his mother’s spoke machine, he borrowed blank tapes from friends and neighbors to create music and mixtapes.

Known for his intelligence and academic success, Keef earned good grades consistently. He began his education at Dulles Elementary before moving to Dyett High School and a therapeutic day school. At the age of 15, he decided to quit school and focus on rapping and music full-time.

Career of Chief Keef

Chief Keef, better known as Keith Kozart, is a record producer and mixtape artist from the United States.

A local kid and his schoolmates quickly noticed his mixtapes in 2011 when he brought them into the open. While house arresting, he still posted several videos on his YouTube account despite facing charges of possessing illegal firearms. His videos were viral among the nearby locals due to his minor celebrity status.

The video on World Star HipHop’s youTube channel showed a hysterical little boy upon KeefKeef’sease when his house arrest officially ended after two months. He was becoming more and more popular in the professional circuit, proving his growing popularity. Keef’sd’n’don’te’ became extremely popular amongst the Chicago club circuit, and that’s Kanye West followed him, and his career began.

Kanye West had such an intense love for the song that he decided to remix it with some famous rappers, including Big Sean and Pusha T. Keef became quite popular among record labels during the summer of 2012. Keef turned down Young JeezJeezy’sl with CTE World, saying he wanted to wait. Generally, 2012 was a relatively average year for music. Finally, Rich’s debut studio album was released in December 2012 and featured songs Keef composed with Rick Ross, 50 Cent, Wiz Khalifa, and others. Having signed a contract with Inter-scope Records in January 2013, Keef developed the Glory Boyz label, his dream record label. Keef joined 1017 Brick Squad Records in mid-2013, according to Gucci Mane.

In mid-2013, he was seen on a track in Kanye West’sum’ Yee’us’ an’ featured in the song ‘Hol’ my Liquor’ an’ his part in it was immensely praised by Kanye himself and the media. Keef released his mixtape ‘Ban’ pt.2′ in august 2013, but it received mixed reviews. By the end of the year, he started working on his third studio album, along with a biopic. He released a song from his next album ‘Ban’ 3′ titled ‘Fuck Rehab,’ which he performed with his cousin, Mario Hess, and released the official video for the track a few days later. Mario died a few weeks later, and Keef dedicated the song to him.

Chief Keef’s personal life

He married his ex-girlfriend at age 16 and had a child with her at 16 after their relationship had ended. His two other children followed, and he claimed to be the father of many more children by women. The legal documents were never responded to by Keef, causing him to get even more into trouble.

As the CEO of his record label Glory Boyz Entertainment, Keef is always ready to introduce his cousins to the world. Keef, however, was left in shock when his cousin, Mario Hess, was killed because of his family’s criminal history. Currently, Keef lives in Los Angeles, where he enjoys the silence that makes it different from New York City, which is jam-packed with chaos.

Chief Keef net worth

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A three-album music deal signed by Chief Keef in 2013 was reported to be worth $6 million before all expenses. This includes taxes, manager fees, law lawyers, and other costs. After he failed to meet his sales quota, his record company dropped him. His finances became so bad that he fell behind on rent and other expenses in the year 2014. Since then, all of his money has gone into paying back companies who failed to pay his jail fees and lawyer fees.

With that in mind, Chief Keef’s worth is now $1 million, neither lower nor higher. The Chief has owed his property managers $30,000 in unpaid rent as a lump sum in 2015.

Chief Keef is said to have been kicked out of several rental homes throughout his tenure. He reportedly paid $11,000 a month to rent a house in Highland Park, Los Angeles, in 2014. For the 5,600-square-foot mansion at the time, Chief Keef reportedly owed more than $30,000 in back rent that year.

Disagreements of Cheif Keef

Keef’s age years were marked by arrests. He was put under house arrest in 2011 after being arrested for heroin possession. He was then arrested for shooting another rapper. Among other things, there are various parole violations, drug abuse, and marijuana consumption. It is a well-known fact that he is the perfect example of ‘Gansta rap.’

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