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The Environmental Benefits of Wood Flooring 

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There is considerable concern among people nowadays about their carbon footprint and how to reduce it using natural materials. The use of wood connects man with Nature and is positive for the environment. Wood is easily bio-degradable and can be renewed by planting more trees to balance the cutting down of others. We will look at the environmental benefits of wood flooring and also consider how to take care of wooden floors better.  

How is wood environmentally friendly 

It is worth considering that furniture was first made of wood. Wood is environmentally friendly because of the following reasons: 

  1. Wood has a low carbon footprint

Wood absorbs carbon dioxide from the environment and releases oxygen into nature. The storage of carbon dioxide also takes place in their leaves, stems, and twigs. It is even incorporated into the roots and the soil around the tree. Wood continues to store the carbon during its lifetime, but as trees age, some carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere due to their decay. 

The best way to lower your carbon footprint using wood is to use locally available sources. Even when trees are manufactured and harvested, they keep the carbon dioxide out of the environment. They will keep storing the bulk of the carbon right till the day that they are reclaimed. Many years after their original use, they will be reused or recycled.  

  1. Wood can be recycled easily

If you want to get rid of an old wooden floor, you could sell it off to a salvage yard. They will pay you for it. You could also use it as a bar top or part of a tree house. You can use it to make bookshelves, shoe racks, or footrests. If you cannot use the material because it is damaged or has mould or fungi, the only option is to discard it. 

3. Wood is long-lasting 

Wood can last for a long time if the items are properly cared for. It is easy to clean and doesn’t absorb smells. It is a good natural option for people with allergies. If you have a wooden floor, you can make it last longer by applying the right floor finish. Wood is a natural choice for nature lovers, as timber feels good under your feet. 

4. Wood is a renewable resource 

Wood is a natural source of renewable energy. It has a great role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It can be a reliable renewable resource if enough trees are planted to replenish the ones cut down. Because wood can be produced using modern forest management techniques, this speeds up the rate of growth. This is why wood has become the preferred choice of an environmentally conscious customer. 

5. Wood is easily biodegradable 

In terms of the environment, biodegradable means that the product returns to Nature without any harmful effects. Using wood for flooring or furniture is one of the ways to protect the natural environment and create a more sustainable future. People tend to choose biodegradable products while building homes because it leaves a smaller carbon footprint.  

6. Wood is energy efficient  

Using wood in constructing modern homes and offices is on the rise because it is energy efficient and sustainable. Wood does not absorb heat easily and is a preferred choice for tropical climates. It can keep rooms cooler in summer. People even use wood as a replacement for fossil fuels as it is a carbon-neutral biomass energy source. 

How to better take care of your wooden floors 

When it comes to wooden flooring, engineered wood is a better choice than natural hardwood. Its cross-layer construction makes it a beautiful and durable option for homes and offices. However, it requires some care and maintenance to keep it looking good and lasting longer. Here are some tips to better take care of your wooden floors: 

  1. Clean up spills without delay

Liquids and water puddles can damage engineered wood flooring. Clean up spills immediately. Use a well wrung mop. A wet mop or steam mop will damage your floor.  

  1. Sweep regularly

Sweeping regularly will help get rid of the dust, dirt, and abrasive particles that people bring in with their feet every day. Sweeping your floor daily is one of the easiest ways to keep it clean. You don’t have to mop it that regularly if it is kept clean. 

  1. Use a vacuum cleaner if preferred

You will have to make sure to install a soft attachment to your vacuum cleaner if you want to clean your engineered dark brown wood floor. This will prevent the chances of scratches. A slightly wet mop is still a better option. 

  1. Wear safe footwear

Be aware that high heels and spiked boots will damage your hardwood floor. Failing to be careful may result in long-lasting damage to the surface of a wooden floor.  

  1. Consider Recoating

If your engineered wood floor continues to look dull even after regular cleaning, it could be time for a new coat of finish. This is recommended every 5 to 10 years, depending on the state of the wooden floor, the type of wear and tear it has seen, the finish, and whether it has been exposed to bad weather.  

  1. Ask for professional advice regarding wood floor care 

It always helps to look up care and maintenance sites and professional forums to get tips for the upkeep of your engineered wooden floor. It is better to contact the professionals who installed the floor at your home or office. If you are faced with a particular problem regarding care and maintenance, they will be able to give you the best advice. Always use non-abrasive and non-toxic cleaning solutions that are available from the market. Read instructions before using them to make sure they are safe to use on engineered wood floors. 


We have looked at the ways that wood is good for the environment. It is a natural and carbon-neutral energy resource that is clean and renewable. We have also considered tips for better care and maintenance of engineered wood floors to make them last longer. You can consider all these facts if you decide to buy an engineered wooden floor.  

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