Creative Ways of Using Bagels

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Do you like to make your own food? Then you might want to stack up on some grocery store bagels. These bagels have a nice. long shelf life so they won’t turn moldy just a few days after you buy them. And then you can use these aging bits of bread for a wide range of delicious treats:

Crouton Alternative for a Favorite Soup or Salad

When you’re making a salad or soup and the recipe calls for some croutons, you may want to replace that with bits of bagel instead. The simple truth is that any salad recipe becomes a lot better with bagels, as bagel bread is much better than regular bread. Whatever the flavor of your bagel is (hopefully you’re not foolish enough to opt for plain bagel in this case), you’ll end up with a terrific salad garnish.

Try it with your favorite Caesar salad recipe. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes in the oven for your shredded bagel pieces to warm up nicely. Then as these bits cool down, they also turn crispy. That makes them great toppings for your salad, especially if you used shreds of everything bagel, or even just onion bagel.

This works for soup as well. Try making some tomato soup with sesame bagel croutons. The tomato soup will be much better with the sesame seed bagel as the ideal accompaniment.

The “Secret” Ingredient in Mac and Cheese

Check out this recipe for the Everything Bagel Mac and Cheese. You’ve got pasta, along with the bagel breadcrumbs, everything spice, and the cream cheese sauce. The recipe uses various seasonings and ingredients that gives that unique flavor to everything bagels, and these ingredients include sesame seeds and poppy seeds.

Or you can use any other mac and cheese recipe you might favor, and then add the everything bagel bits as your last ingredient. Add these bits before you bake off the mac and cheese to finish things off. You’ll then get a nice, crispy brown crust at the top, while down below you have that bubbling cheese with that unforgettable bagel flavor. It doesn’t even have to be an everything bagel. Just add the bits of your favorite bagel instead.

Bagels for French Toast

It’s great to enjoy a French toast on a lazy weekend morning, when you can relax and not rush off to work. The thing is, it’s not always easy to come up with good French toast every time. You can end up with a disaster, especially if you use the wrong bread that can turn a French toast to crap very quickly.

But instead of using the traditional bread slices, you should go with bagels instead. The stereotypical texture of the bagel is dense and chewy, and it’s perfect to capture all that French toast flavor without ending up with a soggy mess.

You can easily go online and find various recipes that use bagels for French toast. Try them out, and you might just notice the vast improvement.

Bagels for Casseroles

It takes a bit of planning to enjoy a hearty casserole for breakfast in your own home. Basically, you have to prepare that casserole the night before. If you even try to make casserole in the morning, it won’t be ready for breakfast. Before you know it, it will be lunch time.

But find an online recipe for breakfast casserole, and you might just end up with a casserole with a base of bagels and then filled in with eggs. The bagels can handle all that moisture they’ll have to absorb overnight, so they work wonderfully.

Bagels for Breadcrumbs

If you spend a significant amount of time preparing your own food in your own kitchen, then you might have noticed that lots of dishes use breadcrumbs. And you can use bagels to make those breadcrumbs.

Just cut the bagels in half, and then toast or bake the bagel halves until they start to brown. Let them cool, and then you can just place them inside your food processor. This will get you great homemade breadcrumbs. Make sure you use onion bagels or everything bagels, to really get that oomph in the flavor department from your breadcrumbs.

Egg in a Hole

Normally, you’re supposed to make or cut a hole in bread to make the Egg in a Hole. But now you can use bagels, and it’s super-convenient because it already has the hole in the middle.

You can try spreading your toasted bagel with smashed avocado already seasoned in the way you want, and then you can add your egg. Add some thick-cut bacon, some cheddar cheese, and a dash of hot sauce, and you’ve got yourself a terrific breakfast.

Final Words

As we’ve mentioned earlier, you may want to go with grocery store bagels for these uses. Some bagels are just too good for these uses, such as the great ones you might buy from shops like Bruegger’s Bagels. Regardless of the affordable Bruegger’s Bagels pricing, these bagels are meant to be eaten and enjoyed!

Egg in a Hole Breakfast Bagel

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