Get Yourself These Rich Shades of Lipsticks from High-End Brands in Pakistan

We all know that lipstick has the power to bring your look together. Whether you choose to dress casually or want to look great at a formal event, ladies’ lipstick does the job of adding the final touch to your captivating appearance.

It is unbelievable how crucial this tiny cosmetic is for completing your style. However, lipstick online shopping is not easy. It is really difficult to trust brands for sending the same shade as the one shown on their website. Nevertheless, there are some brands that we can trust blindly in giving us the best lipstick shades.

Demure Lipstick by Sapphire

Have you ever experience the touch of satin? Now it is possible. Sapphire matte lipstick range gives a hydrating and smooth look to your lips due to ethylhexylglycerin. No more cracked and dry lips for you!

The color that stands out from their range is dusty pink. The subtle tone of the lipstick is ideal for daily wear. In other words, it is not too loud that you look like you just came from a glamorous wedding. For the perfect look, wear it with a peach shade blush-on and black eyeliner.

Nude Matte Lip Cream by Limelight

Lately, Limelight has stepped into the world of cosmetics. It is not surprising that we are only hearing appreciation for their wide range that is for every skin tone. Furthermore, the mesmerizing shades are a dream come true for every fashionista.

The matte lip cream of Limelight is enough for you to make a diva statement. The long-lasting effect of their matte liquid lipstick is moisturized and glossy lips, thanks to Vitamin E.

The shade we have fallen in love with is this candy pink as it knows how to leave a lasting impression. The vibrant tone can surely turn some heads with the tiny help of rosy shade blush and brown mascara.

Mineral Semi Matte Lipstick by J.

If you are looking for the best long lasting lipstick, then the J. collection is just for you. A bit on the expensive side, but they are the best choice for women who have sensitive lips. Enriched with calcium, magnesium, and zinc lets it protects the lips from the adverse effects of a polluted environment. Also, they highlight your lips with a charismatic natural glow.

Their intense nude shade is not only captivating but also smudge-resistant. Warm honey shade blush with subtle golden shade highlighter brings out the glossiness of lipstick.

Slim Gel Lipstick by Inglot

Dark brown lipstick are dangerous territory to step in. We have seen this shade draining the radiance in the blink of an eye. However, it is not the color’s fault but the quality of the ingredients. Low-quality composition means that your lips will look shriveled in no time.

Including avocado oil and primrose, this cream lipstick will make your lips look fuller and plump. Moreover, the advanced gel formula will give it a unique shine. Furthermore, the slim shape makes the application process easy. Warm shade blusher and glitter texture eyeshadow are the perfect combinations with this slim lipstick.

Crème Luxe by Massarat Misbah

Who is better to trust with makeup products than Pakistan’s renowned beautician? In 2015, Massarat Misbah ventured into the makeup industry and brought some amazing cosmetics into the market. We are astonished by the quality of the products.

Red shade lipstick has always been the go-to makeup product for years. We have seen our mothers just relying on this vibrant color to get ready for any event. Misbah’s stunning cherry red lipstick is used to dropping from jaws.

Red lipsticks are known for leaving unnecessary stains but there is no such problem with this lipstick. With a single swipe, the lipstick lets you experience the weightless luxurious feel.

We suggest that you wear this lipstick with dark tone attires. Black outfits are perfect with this iconic shade.

Like diamonds, lipsticks are women’s best friend in the cosmetic department. They are an ideal tool for making casual as well as a formal style statement.

A style tip for you guys. Do try mixing some lipstick shades if you love to try some unique tones. Also, always store them in a cool and dry place.

So happy shopping for your favorite shade from your preferred brand!


Kate Johnson is a content writer, who has worked for various websites. She is also a college graduate who has a B.A in Journalism.

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