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The significance of Sika Cracksil Acrylic Paste for Domestic & Industrial Purposes   

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What is Cracksil Acrylic Polymer  

For decades, Satiate has been the profound and leading manufacturer of acrylic polymers in the Indian market.  They produce a variety of products in waterproofing and acrylic polymer products and export them all over the globe. One of their finest creations is Cracksil Acrylic paste. It is a polymer acrylic paste for filling cracks and gaps due to extensive wear and tear due to severe climatic conditions and usage.  It is a single-pack, polymer-based,  instantly used chemical for filling and false sealing the cracks on internal and external plastered surfaces. 

They are used for external and internal applications of masonry and concrete as well as certain materials like polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, vinyl acrylic, polypropylene, etc. it can guarantee the unmatched crack bridging ability for plaster cracks up to the prescribed limits.   The cracked, uneven surfaces not only detract from the building’s aesthetic appearance and value but can also create dangerous tripping hazards.

The next-generation system incorporates a   low-modulus epoxy resin system with a high-quality engineered blend of graded materials to attain the optimal set of characteristics for a polymer concrete overlay system that is both effective and safe. 

To produce an advanced and modified variety of acrylic polymers which contribute to concrete structure’s long life, beauty, and bond strength. The pivotal aim of using acrylic polymer in concrete is to preserve internal wetness and reduce pores, which decreases bacterial growth and oxygen exposure, hence preventing the untimely deterioration of structures.

Many factors lead to severe cracks in structures like daily wear and tear, the components/materials used in construction, and extreme temperature variations that can cause concrete slabs to crack the inner side. It’s best to clear concrete cracks quickly because exposure to water and fluctuating temperatures makes the concrete expand and contract, facilitating further destruction. When you notice cracked concrete in or around your house or business, such as garages, driveways, or warehouses immediately attend to the cracks, without any further delay. 

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Benefits of Cracksil Acrylic Paste for residential and commercial purposes

  • Fills gaps and cracks caused by drying & 100% shrink free.
  • Maintain a smooth finish on the surface.
  • Excellent bonding materials are used.
  • Can be used on moist surfaces, structures in wet conditions.
  • For filling cracks up to 6 mm thickness and width.
  • Persistent to severe weather conditions.
  • Convenient for minor expansion & contraction joints.
  •  Possess excellent UV-resistant properties.
  • These can be colored easily using water-based pigments.
  • Self-curing and excellent adhesion with substrates both for vertical and horizontal application.
  • Miniature cracks are easily sealed, by opening the crack up to 2mm for easy application.
  • Applicable for inclined roof ceilings, floors, and all types of walls.
  • Enhances the strength of the concrete after it is hardened.

The Application Procedure of Cracksil Acrylic Paste

One must take good care to avoid the emergence of cavities or bubbles during application. The cracks are first cleared for dust particles, mud, etc to apply for the first coat of the paste.    You should at least allow them to sit for 4 hours to one day and then apply another coat of Sika Cracksil Acrylic Paste. After that wall putty or POP is applied once it is fully dried up. For best results allow Cracksil Acrylic Paste to cure for a week. 

Why choose Sika Cracksil Acrylic Paste 

We are the leading manufacturer, retailer, distributor, and also exporter of Cracksil Acrylic Paste.  Our products have excellent malleability, resistance to the microbial and fungal formation on the exterior and interior walls, curing properties, water resistance, crack bridging properties, and weathering durability, We are the best supplier and exporter of Cracksil Acrylic Paste.  If you are searching for high-quality acrylic paste then Satiate solutions is the best option. At Satiate solutions, our team is ready to help you in choosing the best acrylic emulsions for your specific requirements. 

We supply an exclusive series of Cracksil Acrylic Paste is a single pack, acrylic-based, ready-to-use putty. Besides that, we provide customized products for varied applications that will adapt to customer requirements and conditions.  Our products are commonly used in metal coatings, sealants, tile adhesives, waterproof fillers, and interior and exterior coats in painting.

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