Having An Induction Cooktop Has Many Advantages

An induction cooktop is a cooking surface that transfers heat to the food via electromagnetic induction. The surface of the induction cooktop contains a number of loops that produce an alternating electromagnetic field. When an electrically-conductive material (the pan) is placed on the cooktop, it becomes part of the circuit and generates heat. In other words, it works by converting electrical energy into thermal energy.

The Induction Cooktop vs Gas Stove is a device that allows you to cook directly on the surface of a cooktop. The principle is based on electromagnetic induction, which creates heat in the pan when it is placed on the induction stove top. It is almost ubiquitous in the most beautiful and desirable kitchens in the world. Just look at the kitchen counter and there it is: the induction cooktop; perfectly integrated and matching every decor or kitchen accessories. In addition to being elegant and technological, it is convenient to use, easy to clean, fast, safe, and economical. Learn all about this culinary wonder and get ready to prepare delicious dishes like never before:

Induction Cooker Features

Induction cooking has some notable advantages over other types of cooking methods: 1) It uses less energy than traditional stoves; 2) It heats up faster than gas stoves; 3) You can control exactly how you want your food cooked by selecting one of five specific temperature ranges (210°C/410°F – 300°C/570°F – 400°C/750°F – 500°C/940°F – 600°C/11

Induction cooktops are fast, safe and economical. Simply place a magnetic utensil over the heating element and heat is transferred directly from the coil to the vessel. On an induction cooktop, pots and pans can be placed anywhere on the surface – not directly over or around the burners as they would on a conventional electric range – so nothing gets in the way of your view of what’s cooking.


Induction cooktops are a safe, fast and efficient cooking solution. Unlike gas or resistance electric models, the induction cooktop only increases the temperature on the contact surface of the pan. And only after the utensil touches the cooktop glass. This way, it keeps the other areas at room temperature, reducing the risk of burns and possible accidents


Traditional stoves and cooktops require heating the surface, then heating the pot or pan on top of the heated surface. This wastes energy, keeps pots and pans warm for too long, and can leave you cold during or after use. An induction cooktop, on the other hand, uses magnetism to heat only what you need: your cast iron pot or copper dutch oven. The result? You save time and money while creating better-tasting meals.

Magnetic personality

An induction cooktop heats a vessel by magnetic attraction, combining induction and electrically heated water. It is best used with stainless steel or other ferrous metals. When a pan is brought to the cooktop, it is lined with a layer of molten aluminium oxide that creates an electromagnet. A current is sent through the electromagnet, bringing about magnetic attraction to the aluminium oxide in the base of the pot. This creates heat that generates steam and cooks food and one of the best kitchen appliances.

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