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What are the Best Ways to set up a Home Theater Installation? How Much Does It Cost?

Last Updated on March 2, 2024 by Ahmed Khan

What is home theater?

Home theater is actually an entertainment system which consists of large LED, some video components and audio devices.

Devices included in home theater system

In home theater system it consist of TV, A/V receiver, a blue ray player, media player, gaming console and the important thing is speakers. If the speaker are wireless then it is ok but if speakers are wired then cables are also needed.

Five steps to set home theater installation

Step 1: Preparation of home theater

  • Which component need to buy: For the average home theater it is necessary to buy speaker, receiver and video input devices and television. First look what you already have then you have to buy all the other remaining things. For example if you already have a TV set available which is a compatible to all other device then you do not need to buy another one.
  • Try to buy all in one frame home theater package: It is convenient if all in one frame is available. If there is no issue of company then buy TV along with other components which are available in one frame.
  • Choose a place where to set theater: Firstly figure out the general dimensions of your room in which you want to set up. If you have small area then purchased the equipments according the size.
  • Think about your budget: The home theater set up costs from $500 to $10,000. Before purchasing it must be necessary that you will check the budget.
  • Video input system: Video input source is not compulsory if you have cable box. Some common video input devices are DVD player, blue ray player, small TV adaptor, and game console.
  • Plug in power strips: To set this power strips, electrical outlet are used. All these should be close to the TV so there is no hindrance.

Step 2: Correctly choose and Install a TV

  • Size of TV: ‘’Bigger is better’’ concept is totally wrong. You should choose the TV according the size of your room. It is important that the size of TV must be according to the members and size of room so everyone can enjoy this.
  • High resolution TV: If you want to improve the graphics then resolution is important key factor. Good pixel and high quality is important factor to enjoy the home theater.
  • Location of room: If you have any entertainment center in your home then it is best to place TV there. But if you have no special place for TV you should choose the best location in home.
  • Adjust the sitting area: Height and width of TV is important factor to adjust the couch. Move or rotate the couch according the angle and height of TV.

Step 3: Correctly choose and install speakers

  • For watching movie or music or both: Generally all home theater system handle both music and TV shows but if your preference is watching shows on TV then high-end speakers are best to purchase.
  • Understand the notation: You must be aware and understand the notations that are written on the package. For example if it is written “5.1-channel surrounds sound”. In this 5 means that it contains 5 speakers and the 1 means that 1 subwoofer included.
  • Building your own sound system: If you want to build your own setup then you must have 5 speakers, a receiver and a subwoofer. This idea is best for those who already have some pieces like subwoofer or receiver. Some points are given below to set the location of the speakers
    • Two raised, front facing speakers
    • Two rear speakers at the back of the room
    • One subwoofer, usually tucked in the corner
    • One small center speaker (optional)
    • Two side speakers (optional)

Step 4: Correctly choose and install receiver

  • Working of receiver: The receiver is act like a hub. It makes the connection between the TV and other components, so the TV will work smoothly and remains consistence.
  • Accommodation of all input in one receiver: Receivers are available in different size and shape. The best are those which have good audio and video results. It is important that all the inputs are adjusted in one receiver and there must be at least one optional audio input for speakers.

Step 5: Make a connection of home theater system

  • Set the wires: Turn off and unplug all the wires. Make sure all the switches are off during the setting of connection.
  • Make connection between TV and receiver: Make a connection by HDMI to display adaptor port cable. Plug the other end of cable on the appropriate input on the back of TV. Place the receiver under the TV and set the cables. Make sure no wire is stretched.
  • Make a connection between video input to receiver: On the back of video component plug the other end of HDMI in to it. And the other end of HDMI in the receiver.
  • Testing the video connections: Before moving forward firstly give a try and test the video connections. At this point it is important to check and test all the connections. Turn on the TV, video player, receiver and media player. If there is problem in video then make all the connections directly with the TV and skip the receiver. By this you can figure out the problem.
  • Connection of speaker to receiver: This is quite a tough part in home theater installation. A speaker has two wires one is red and other is black. Make the connection as one end of red wire is attached to speaker and other end with receiver. Do same as for black wire.
  • Test the speakers: First set the two speakers and test them. If they are connected in good way and the voice is perfect then move forward and make other connections. Set all the speakers according to your choice and requirements.

Home Theater Installations and Quality Sound

With Sound Sensations, we know how essential it is for the audio quality of your home theater to match its image quality. A complete home theater installation takes your home, space, and budget into account. With our home theater speakers, your movies, TV, music, and other media will be taken to a new level, so you’ll experience home media like never before.

How much home installation theater cost?

The costs of home theater installation depend on the quality of equipments. It ranges from $4000 to $8000. This is the average cost. On a mid grade projector it costs $6000. In this range you can install a good home theater.


The home theater installation is very easy and simple if you are aware to purchase the equipments. There is one other benefit of home theater installation that if you have already some parts of this set up then the cost become more less.

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