MuleSoft MCD-Level-1 Free-Questions and Answers

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MCD-Level-1 exam questions
MCD-Level-1 exam questions

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MuleSoft Certified Developer – Level 1 (Mule 4) MCD-Level-1 Question and Answers

Questions 1

A web client submits a request to http://localhost:8081/books/0471767840. The value “0471767840” is captured by a Set Variable transformer to a variable named booklSBN.

What is the DataWeave expression to access booklSBN later in the flow?


A. booklSBN

B. attributes.booklSBN

C. flowVars.booklSBN

D. vars. booklSBN

Answer: – D

Questions 2

Refer to the exhibits. The Set Payload transformer in the addltem child flow uses DataWeave to create an order object.

What is the correct DataWeave code for the Set Payload transformer in the createOrder flow to use the addltem child flow to add a router call with the price of 100 to the order?

MCD-Level-1 exam questions
MCD-Level-1 exam questions


A. lookup( “addltern”, { price: “100”, item: “router”, itemType: “cable” } )

B. addltem( { payload: { price: “100”, item: “router”, itemType: “cable” > } )

C. lookup( “addltem”, { payload: { price: “100”, item: “router”, itemType: “cable” } > )

D. addltem( { price: “100”, item: “router”, itemType: “cable” } )

Answer: – C

Questions 3

According to MuleSoft. what is the first step to create a Modern API?


A. Gather a list of requirements to secure the API

B. Create an API specification and get feedback from stakeholders

C. Performance tune and optimize the backend systems and network

D. Create a prototype of the API implementation

Answer: – B

Questions 4

What are the latest specification of RAML available?


A. 1.2

B. 1

C. 0.8

D. 2

Answer: – B

Questions 5

Refer to the exhibits.

MCD-Level-1 exam questions
MCD-Level-1 exam questions

What is the response when a client submits a request to http://localhost:8081 ?


A. After

B. null

C. Before

D. Validation error

Answer: – D

Questions 6

A web client submits a request to http://localhost:8081?flrstName=john. What is the correct DataWeave expression to access the firstName parameter?


A. #[attributes.queryParams.firstName]

B. #[message.queryParams.hrstName]

C. #[message.inboundProperties.’http.query.params’.firstName]

D. #[attributes.’http.query.params’.firstName]

Answer: – A

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