How Are Used Watercraft Values Seattle Determined?

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You’re in the market for a boat that you can use any time that you like. For now, the focus is on evaluating previously owned watercraft and what they have to offer. Along with finding something that you really like, there’s the matter of making sure the price is in line with the value. How are used watercraft values Seattle determined? While some factors include specifics about the type of craft, there are factors that apply across the board. Here are some examples.

Size and Model

One of the first things that most inspectors will consider is the size of the craft itself. This is not just about capacity, although that is part of the determination. It’s also about the amount of storage space, the kind of engine that’s in place, and even the what the craft was designed to do.

The model also matters. Simply put, some models are known to hold up well over time and remain in high demand. If the craft you’re looking at is one that remains popular, the value is likely to be a little higher in comparison to a brand that’s not known for providing the same level of quality.


The age of the craft will also be taken into consideration. While old does not translate immediately into being poor in value, there is a point when the age becomes something of a negative factor. It’s not realistic to expect the same level of performance from a boat that’s two decades old in comparison to one that’s five years old. This is true even if the older boat is maintained in excellent condition.

An inspector can point out all the reasons why the older craft may not be valued as much in the current market. Some will have to do with the nature of watercraft in general, while others will be based on the craft itself. In any case, you come away with a better idea of whether the boat is worth the asking price.

General Condition

What type of condition is the boat in right this minute? Part of the inspection process will focus on identifying hat’s in great shape and what needs some work. You do expect there will be the need for some improvements, but you hope to keep them to a minimum.

Since the need for repairs does impact used watercraft values Seattle, this may be to your advantage. That’s especially true if the type of repairs needed will not be that expensive. When they are repairs that you can manage on your own and still meet all local safety requirements, the assessed value may be particularly attractive in light of the asking price.

The Type of Equipment Included

A used watercraft may come with more than the original round of equipment. Past owners may have added something new to the mix that helps to enhance the overall value. If you happen to like what’s been added and you’re willing to pay a little more, that’s fine. Should you find that those enhancements and additional equipment is not really helpful for you, it may be a good idea to look at other crafts.

Don’t be surprised if some of the additional equipment does little to increase the value. You may even find in some cases that equipment that’s part of some sort of customization actually lowers the market value. If the latter is true, you may be able to use the inspection results to negotiate a lower price.

Remember that it’s always a good idea to have an inspection before purchasing any type of watercraft. This helps confirm that the craft is safe for use, identify any issues that need addressing before you use it, and in general make sure you are getting a good deal.

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