How Do I Change My Privacy Settings on Microsoft Account?

In this blog we are going to tell the users which steps do they need to follow when they want to change so that they can set it as they want to. So, let us begin to know about the steps which are going to help the users with the settings. 

Steps to change settings of Microsoft account of the users – 

To change the privacy settings the users need to access the privacy settings by opening an office application and then  the users need to press on account option. 

Following this the users are supposed to tap on account privacy and then they need to tap on the manage settings button which is visible for them on the screen. 

As soon as the users do this they will be able to see a dialogue box where the users will be able to change the which they want to. 

The users in this step need to tap on file option and then they need to press on account settings following which they are supposed to hit the option of manage settings so that they can later on do the settings as they want to for them. 

We hope that the information which we have mentioned for the users in this blog has been helpful for them and they are able to use the steps which we have given to the users but the only condition is that the users need to go through all the steps very carefully and then only they will be able to do the settings. 

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