How to Choose a Padel Racket UK in 2023

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We understand that this can upset the springs of those Padel Racket UK makers, but expensive rackets can be a hindrance to those who practice the sport. Courts are already expensive to rent in many countries, but coaching is not cheap, so the idea of ​​paying a lot for a racket can be intimidating. There’s also a good chance you can find the perfect fit racket for a lower price.

High-level Padel players

Before we get to the point of this article, let me say that at higher levels, racket choice can be important and improve parts of your game. But even at that higher level, where players would notice small differences between very similar models, they could adapt very quickly. As long as the balance, stiffness, weight, etc. are relatively close to their preferences, they can most likely play at the same level.

But even at that level, there is a huge variety in the racquets used by players. Take Bella and Tapia (who played together last year), two of the best players in the world right now; Bela uses a very stiff racket that weighs around 390–395g. Tapia uses a soft racquet that weighs 355–360g. This is a huge difference!

From Padel Racket UK:

When you start playing, the number of Padel Racket UK available can be intimidating. There are literally thousands of different models/brands, all produced in less than 10 major factories (except for a few craft brands with their own production). Major brands often come out with more than 20Padel Racket UK models per year. As a buyer, you also have the opportunity to purchase models from previous seasons. A sea of ​​padel rackets.

So many players are drawn to the “378g teardrop racquet, 46% graphite, intoxicatingly heavy balance, and oval sweet spot”… But there are actually better racquets out there than yours. have currently used, or perhaps even tried. And especially if you are relatively new to padel, you don’t need to be so specific when looking for a model.

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Experiment with different Padel Racket UK

While advice from other players can be helpful, you need to get your own experience to know what is right for you physically and for your game. We always recommend that players new to the game start with something light and soft enough, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try a different racket.

Each brand has a premium range of racquets (which usually contain the best materials), but they also have low-end racquets that usually suit your needs perfectly. This article can help you save money by choosing a racket.

Most of you will say that you don’t have access to a wide variety of rackets and that is gradually changing in Europe and other countries. But if you don’t have access to the store, ask other players to try their rackets. Be as honest as possible about the racquet when testing. Here’s a tip for testing rackets.

General overview

So I’d say if you’re playing padel for the first couple of years, you shouldn’t get too fixated on “the perfect racquet for you”. When you need them, try a few test rackets before making a choice. As your level improves, you can also look for other qualities in a racket. And if you buy a new racquet that looked great when you tested it (as most new racquets do), don’t be disappointed if you play poorly with it at first.

So many players buy a new racquet, then play poorly once or twice, thinking it’s the racquet’s fault, and immediately start hunting for a new racquet. I’ve probably played about 15 times with the new Metalbone racquet, and I’m just starting to feel natural with it. Although I really liked the weight, balance, and material, I was not used to it.

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